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Shifting into a new Home: Process and Checklist


It is almost time for you to move in now that your builder has finished your new home. Before you do, there are several critical things to take before shifting into a new home to guarantee your move goes well and on schedule.

We’ve put up a detailed new-build home checklist to remind you of all you need to complete before moving into a new home.

Checklist for a New Home

Things to dobefore moving into a new home during covid

Before you can take legal possession of your newly built house, you must organize and adjust a number of items. These are some examples:

  • Carpet, flooring, and curtain measuring.
  • Getting a phone line and connecting to the internet.
  • Heat pump for pipe freeze problem.
  • Removal packing and planning.
  • Getting home and contents insurance.
  • Contacting the utility providers for gas, electricity, and water.
  • Canceling your lease with adequate notice (if previously renting).
  • Informing your friends and relatives about your new address.
  • Sending your mail to your new address.
  • Schedule a vacation from work to allow for packing, moving, and settling into your new home.
  • Set up a snagging survey.
  • self regulating heat trace cable – safety equipment for every home.

Arrange a home demonstration a few days before you move into your new home.

Your builder should arrange for you to see your new home and offer you a new homeowners pack that includes important information such as guarantees and warranties. This presentation is usually scheduled a week or so before your move-in date. It is critical that the demonstration not be hurried. This is your builder’s chance to tour you around your new house. Make certain you learn the following:

  • How your heating system works
  • How many appliances are included in the work?
  • Check the smoke alarms’ location and functionality.
  • Where does the water mains stop?
  • In an emergency, what should you do?

Things to do after the formal completion/handover of a new home

  • After your lawyers have exchanged funds, you will be contacted by the sales negotiator on-site to arrange for the keys to your new property.
  • Once you’ve received your keys, the salesperson should work with you to arrange the following:
  • Give you all of the warranties and instructions for each piece of equipment.
  • Provide information on emergency procedures – this should be included in a handover packet.
  • Take the readings from the gas, water, and electricity meters and write them down for future reference.
  • Give you all warranties and guarantees for the house, its features, and its equipment – Please complete and return them as soon as possible


Please read the guide to your new house once you have moved in; it will provide important information about what to anticipate from your new home over the first few months.

Our recommendation is to hire a professional lawyer, who will spot more flaws, such as construction code violations, that your builder or warranty provider may have overlooked. You may have a snagging survey done at any time after you’ve moved in, but it’s best if you do it within the first two years. Click here for more tips on new home build moving.

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