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SMS: Our Hidden Helper

SMS is one of the most underappreciated services we use today. SMS services promptly alert us for every transaction we make.

We receive alerts on a daily basis on what’s happening with our various accounts – be it our bank, our social media platforms, or any connected e-commerce platforms. In a nutshell, SMS keeps us informed about everything that happens related to us. For businesses sending a lot of texts, using a Web SMS service makes the whole process much easier.

SMS in banking

In this digitized world, everyone needs net banking, mobile banking, and other online payment modes to have a seamless transaction in everyday life. In such situations, it is very crucial to have safety measures for money transactions.

Business SMS services come in handy and provide us with OTP measures to prevent fraudulent. As mentioned, the SMS service also helps us keep track of all the transactions that are happening in our accounts.

SMS in shopping

The transactional SMS service sends SMS not only on the transactions but also regarding the purchase and booking made. It sends a confirmation SMS on the product that has been ordered.

For example, After booking a flight ticket, a customer receives an SMS with all the details. This makes it easier for the customer to check and review the status.

SMS as a Reminder

Sms is used across various entities to remind their clients about important due dates – like an insurance or repair service due date, etc.

Limitations in SMS

The text message sent through this service should be of informational texts, one time passwords, update texts, and not for promoting or marketing purpose. Sender ID should be of 6 alphabetical characters of one’s self idea that should be related to the brand or business.

A long, promotional SMS is more likely to be ignored. No one is going to read a 1000 word essay about a product in SMS!

You could do better with SMS

 Few servicing points to make the process better and convenient.

Service SMS to be kept available in various languages

In order to make people grasp the information and not miss out on the notifications, connecting in regional language with them is the best option.

Verified SMS

People do not trust text received from an unknown number hence verified texts are much needed to build trust and credibility. Verified SMS comes with the brand name and logo unchanged for all the texts being sent which enhances the business.

Rich communication service

RCS is said to be the next generation communication protocol. It also allows sending long without any splits. Videos, locations, HD images, and audios can also be shared and groups can also be created.

Mechanism of SMS

Trigger event

Process of scheduling the messages that have to be sent.


It is the way of using API to connect and send SMS across various platforms.


The content of the message should be entered and the brand ID should be added.

Qualities needed for the transactional SMS service

1.      Reliability

Many transactional SMS service providers fail due to less reliability. Reliability decreases the SMS fail ratio and improves the message delivery rate.

2.      Delivery reports

Error: This should be shown if any connectivity problems from the operator’s side.

Undelivered:  This should be shown if the SMS could not be delivered to the specified number.

This could happen because of a wrong number or network issues or even non-bill payment issues.

Expired:  This status is reported when the sender sends a message but the recipient does not receive it on time. The period of expiry can vary between 4 hours to 24 hours.

Unsubscribed: When the sender tries sending marketing SMS “unsubscribed” report should be sent 

In this scenario automatically the DND numbers get unlisted

3.      Security

Those who provide transactional SMS service should hold the iso certificate that involves certain terms and conditions so as to prevent spam and fraudulent activities.

4.      Accessibility 

The service should be done 24*7 and should be kept screening all time


Benefits of transactional SMS service

Below are some of the benefits of Transactional SMS service

DATA CONVEYANCE: Delivers the message quickly

CUSTOMER RAPPORT: can keep hold of customers with the help of accessible and reliable transactional SMS services

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