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That Shine! 6 Common Causes of Car Paint Damage and How to Avoid Them

Once there’s paint damage to your car, it can begin to look older than it is. Missing or chipped paint on a car affects more than just its appearance, however. Once there’s damage to the paint, the metal frame of your car is left exposed.

Exposed metal will then rust, causing even more damages to your car. If you want to protect your car from these damages and keep it looking new for many years to come, then you need to know some of the common causes of car paint damage. After learning about these common causes, you can then make necessary changes in order to prevent them.

In the guide below is a list of several reasons why your car’s paint might become damaged. Continue reading to find out more!

1. Extreme Temperature Changes

Do you live in an area where the temperature changes often? Extreme fluctuations in temperature cause the paint to contract and expand, damaging the car paint job. Suddenly, small cracks will appear in the paint.

Once the paint cracks, moisture, and salt from the air will cause the metal to rust. As it rusts, it causes even more damage to the surrounding paint. Extreme temperature changes aren’t the only weather element that can cause damage.

Strong rays from the sun can causes problems as well. Signs of sun-damaged car paint might include fading and flaking of the paint. Over time, the car paint colors will begin to look dull.

These are some signs that you need to relocate your vehicle to a location out of the sun. Keeping your car in the garage or under a tarp will help prevent sun damages.

2. Bird Droppings

If your car’s parked under trees or under other structures where birds might sit, then there’s a good chance it gets covered in bird droppings. If you find your car covered in bird droppings on a regular basis, then it’s time to find another parking spot. Bird droppings contain uric acid and will damage the paint.

As the bird droppings sit on the car’s paint, the sun will then help cook it into the paint, causing more damage. If you let the droppings sit on the paint for too long, they’ll leave stains. To prevent this from happening, you’ll want to clean the droppings off as soon as you notice them.

Keep in mind that any smushed bugs on the paint will cause the same type of damage. Clean them off as soon as possible.

3. Sharp Objects

Sharp objects are your paint’s worst enemy. Sharp objects of any kind can cause scratches on the paint. If you’re walking by your car with your car keys in hand, the keys can scratch the paint.

Children in the neighborhood riding their bikes can scratch the paint on your car if they ride too closely to it. There’s an endless amount of scenarios involving sharp objects and ruined paint on cars. Even a quick trip to the grocery store can land you a scratch here or there on your car’s surface.

If you want to prevent these scratches, then try to park your car in a location with the least amount of traffic. In some situations when it can’t be prevented, you can look into some of the best car paint protection. Car paint protection is a film that’ll protect your car’s paint from scratches, chips, salt, and more!

4. Lawn Debris

Whether you have a lawn crew maintain your lawn for you or you mow the lawn yourself, you need to be careful about your car’s location during these times. Small rocks, sticks, and other lawn debris can shoot from the lawnmower or weed trimmer and ding right into your car.

When this happens, you’re left will small chips and dents in the paint. You might find these dents and chips and not realize where they came from, but try to think back to when you mowed your lawn last. Where was your car parked?

To prevent this type of damage, remove your car from the area before tending to the lawn.

5. Harsh Cleaning Products

Unfortunately, not all cleaning products are ideal for your car’s paint. You must be selective when it comes to choosing the right type of cleaner for your car. Do your best to stick to high-quality car cleaning products.

Check online and find the ones with the best reviews. Then, be sure to follow the directions thoroughly. This will ensure a proper and gentle clean.

To dry the car’s paint, only use gentle cleaning rags, such as a microfiber cloth. Abrasive cleaning towels or rags can scratch the car’s paint.

6. Tree Sap

Although trees provide shade for your car, you need to be careful about fallen tree sap and pollen as well! Once tree sap falls onto your car, you’ll need to use alcohol in a spray bottle to remove it. It won’t simply wash off due to its sticky nature.

Once you spray the tree sap, wipe it clean using a microfiber cloth, and then you can wash the area using your high-quality car cleaning products. Pollen is another problem to keep an eye out for. When pollen lands on the paint, it can release acid into it.

This will then cause fading and eventually it’ll leave stains on the paint also. Once you notice pollen on your car, be sure to wash it off. If pollen falls on your car every day, do try your best to wash it as often as possible to prevent the pollen from causing permanent damages.

What’s Causing Paint Damage to Your Car?

Are any of these common causes for paint damage damaging your car’s paint? If so, be sure to follow the tips and advice given above to prevent these damages from happening. You should also be sure to clean your car as soon as possible using high-quality cleaning products.

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