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6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

In the electronics market, Smartphone has become the first preference of every person because it is a multipurpose and an essential device. You can see a lot of rapid evolution of technology in these devices since the last few years. With innovations taking place daily, there are new versions of mobiles coming up daily. A single Smartphone has become capable to perform different functions such as video calling, camera shooting, motion sensing, high-resolution multimedia playback and much more. From entry level to the flagship phones, countless Smart phones are available in the market. With a lot of choices, there is accompanied confusion as well, which brand? which handset? which technology? These are some basic questions accompanying a smartphone purchase in the below article, you will come to know about the key things that must be considered when you are looking out for a new smartphone.

  • The level of your budget

The first thing that comes in mind while buying a Smartphone is the budget. Currently, various reputed companies are offering best quality handsets in an affordable price range. Android, as an open source operating system has destroyed the monopoly of many OS companies which results in a tough price competition. Smart phones can be generally divided into 3 categories:-

  • Entry level
  • Mid range
  • Flagship level
  • Display

Who would want to use a phone if it doesn’t have a good display! That is why the most important characteristic that you should consider once you have finalised the price, is the display. There are two major things to be considered under this, one is Resolution and other is Number of Pixels. These factors ensure the quality of the image or other things we see on display. Standard resolution size range from 720 to 2160 pixels and high quality is now quite common in the market.

  • Camera

This is rapidly becoming a major differentiator for most of the mobile manufacturers. Resolution, Stability and Camera software versions are some pointers that help you decide the best one out of the various choices you have. Now there are also dual cameras available in the phones offered in the market. You can refer to various YouTube videos as well while deciding on this.

  • RAM

No one wants their smartphone to hang when they are playing a game, watching a movie or browsing the internet. To save yourself from this pain, ensure that your phone has a good processor i.e. high RAM. It is common to find 2 to 4 GB of RAM in phones nowadays, however, certain high range phones also have a 6 GB to 8 GB of RAM.

  • Storage

Not only RAMbut your device storage is also important! You don’t want your phone to keep showing insufficient storage message when you want to add new music or new apps or worst case, when you receive a new message! Earlier the phones used to have low internal memory and a provision of extendable storage. Now however a lot of phones come with high internal memory which makes its usage easier.

Always go through the customer’s reviews section Online shopping portals have a section of customer’s review where users write their reviews regarding a specific product after using. Go to that section and check the responses whether they are positive or negative towards the mobile that you are going to purchase. Peer to peer recommendation in this section is the best way to be sure about what you are purchasing. You should make sure to look in the comments speaking for particular features that you are interested in.

So, these would be the 6 most important things that every person should consider researching before buying a smartphone.One can use different comparison websites to assist them in this process of filtering and sorting smartphones.

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