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No Camera, No Problem: Tips and Tricks to Snap Super Photos with Your Smartphone

You never know when a great photo opportunity will present itself, but you can’t carry your camera, tripod, and accessories everywhere you go. The one constant you always have with you is your smartphone. Keep it fully charged and be sure you clean the camera lens. Place your phone where you can easily reach it if the need arises, and always pull safely off the road before taking any photographs. The following tips can help you take great pictures with your smartphone.

Learn How Your Camera Phone Works

Picture Correct reminds photographers that smart phone cameras are improving as each new model is developed. Each brand has strong and weak points. Learn your camera’s strong points and capitalize on them. Follow the tips your phone manual provides to learn how to control the focus, exposure, and lighting. The zoom on your phone is not a digital zoom, and the quality of your image will deteriorate. Walk as close to the subject matter as you can to get the best capture. If you are unable to get as close as you want, you may be able to crop the image some without hurting the quality.

Take Several Photos Of The Same Subject

You may not get an opportunity to get the same shot again, so take several to be sure you achieve the look you want. 500px ISO suggests trying several different angles, as well as taking some distance and close shots (without using the zoom feature). Take advantage of the moment by using your smartphone camera. It the photos don’t turn out quite as well as hoped for, you can bring them up to par in your computer’s digital darkroom. Perform all the editing actions necessary to have great images to share with family and friends.

Be Selective

Take the best pictures and unload them into your computer for post-processing. By using Photoshop Actions, you can clean up any issues caused by your smartphone’s limitations. Add light where needed, and give new life to your images. Add vibrancy to your colors, apply a soft matte finish, or add an exciting overlay for a dramatic touch. Choose one or more actions to complete the editing of your image.

Composition Rules

Composition is always important when capturing an image. Remember to use the rule of thirds, which divides your image into nine sections with four intersection points. Focus your main subject on one of the intersections to avoid placing it in the center of your image. Horizons should be level, and your camera may have a grid tool you can use as a guide. Be aware of the image background, and look for distractions such as telephone poles, hydrants, parts of a car, rubbish can, and similar unwanted items.

Advancements in technology has made it so much easier to take good photographs with your phone. There’s no need to miss out on the unexpected opportunity because your camera is at home, as long as you have your smartphone with you.

Georgia Preston is passionate about photography and started her portrait studio business from home last year. She writes about all aspects of photography, from better lighting and taking candid shots to running a business.

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