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5 Best Tools for Electronics Repair

When your electronics give you a hard time you’re going to need certain tools to get them in working order again.

Whether you’re a tech pro or a DIYer you need an electronics repair toolkit that’s going to give you everything that you need. You don’t want to start a job just to realize that you’re missing something crucial!

But what do you need for a well-rounded kit? We’re here to give you advice so that you’re prepared.

Keep reading for our five top tools for electronics repair.

1. A Driver Kit

How many screwdrivers can you realistically carry at a time? If you want to have a screwdriver for every breakable object in your home your toolbox is going to be overstuffed with screwdrivers alone. Not ideal.

A driver kit is the answer. These kits are equipped with different sized bits that can fit into one handle. This way you only need one or two handles to fix all of your electronics and the bits take up less space while being more functional. This is one of our favorite electronics repair tools.

2. Tweezers or Small Pliers

Handheld electronics have notoriously small pieces. Unless you’re blessed with delicate fingers or long nails you’re going to need to find a way to get in there and take those pieces out so that you can replace them or work on them.

This is where these tools come in. Tweezers can be found in any beauty aisle but they’re also available in more “heavy-duty” varieties. Some of them have softer ends with plastic or rubber to keep your electronics safe.

Tiny pliers can do the same job. Needle nose pliers can be found at repair shops or craft departments.

3. LCD Suction Cup

When you’re having problems with your phone screen or you need to get “under the hood” so to speak, you’re going to need a safe way to remove that screen. An LCD suction cup might be the answer.

It clings to the screen so that you can remove it safely. Screen removal isn’t easy and a broken screen (if you’re not adept at fixing them) might require a trip to a local company for help.

If you’re confident, though, give the suction cup a try.

4. Moldable Glue

Moldable glue might seem like an odd thing to keep in your kit, but it serves several purposes.

It acts like putty and it’s great for a quick wire repair. It’s also good for reinforcing wires that leave you nervous about heat or water.

Bonus: It’s fun to use and can be used for more than electronics.

5. Air Syringe

A syringe might seem like an odd choice here, but it’s nothing like the ones used in hospitals.

An air syringe is great for sucking in blowing away dust and debris. How many times have you gone to work on an electronic just to realize that a quick dusting is the answer? How many times have you had to use a clumsy dust rag or brush to do the job?

Try this instead.

What Are Your Favorite Tools for Electronics Repair?

A good electronics tool kit has dozens of pieces, but if you’re looking for a few things that can make your life easier, these are our picks.

Having a good set of tools for electronics repair will leave you prepared for anything.

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