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What Is E-Liquid?

Electronic cigarettes work by heating a liquid until it turns to vapor. The user inhales this vapor, which acts as a nicotine delivery agent.

This liquid that needs to be used with e-cigs and vaping devices is known as e-liquid, vape juice or e-juice. The name is less important. The main thing to understand here is that when vaping, you inhale the vapor resulting from heating this liquid.

Vapor is structurally different than smoke. Smoke is the result of a burning process, while vapor is the by-product of heating a liquid. This process is similar to the one occurring in a kettle when you heat water to make steam. Eliquid is pushed through a coil, while the electric current from a battery heats it until the liquid gets vaporized.

What Does The Eliquid Contain?

Vaping may appear odd when you first try it, however it is rather basic.

This liquid contains four main ingredients:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Flavouring Agent
  • Nicotine (this one can be absent)

Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are widely used in the food industry for sweetening and preserving purposes. Flavouring agents are mixed, in order to create various flavours. Nicotine is added for enabling smokers to get their daily dose. However, there are eliquid variants containing no nicotine.

Whenever you see on the label that a liquid has 70% VG, you have to understand that it contains 70% vegetable glycerine, the remainder being a mix of PG, flavouring and nicotine. Usually, 10% of the eliquid is a flavouring agent.

How The Blend Influences Your Vaping Experience

An eliquid with a high concentration in VG will create a lot of vapor, because VG is a rather dense substance. However, it will need a more powerful device to vaporize it. A smaller and weaker device will struggle with high VG blends, and it may never be able to vaporize them effectively.

PG has a much lower density, so it’s easier for the device to vaporize it. However, the downside is that less vapor is generated. Besides, PG gives your throat a hit which is very similar to the one of tobacco cigarettes.

Since the vapor is the agent that helps delivering the nicotine and the flavours, the more vapor gets generated, the more effective the vaping device is going to be. More VG requires a more powerful vaporizer.

Nonetheless, high VG blends generate such a dense vapor that mixing a high nicotine concentration may lead to the delivery of way more nicotine than the average person can take. This is why, when using high VG blends, it is advisable to reduce the nicotine content.

On the contrary, if you prefer high PG blends, you may be inclined to use a higher nicotine content, in order to be able to get your needed dose.

The blend is also something personal. This is why some vapers prefer certain blends over all others on the market. You should start by experimenting with various blends, flavours and nicotine concentrations, in order to see which ones you prefer. By doing such experiments, you’ll manage to find your perfect blend.

How To Choose The Nicotine Strength?

According to the law, the maximum nicotine dose allowed is of 1.8mg. Here’s a brief guide on how to choose your nicotine concentration:

  • 0% (0MG) – Suitable for nicotine free vaping
  • 3% (3MG) – Suitable for occasional smokers of very light cigarettes
  • 6% (6MG) – Good for smokers of 10 light strength cigarettes a day
  • 2% (12MG) – Good for smokers of 10 full flavour cigarettes a day
  • 8% (18MG) – Good for smokers of 15-20 full flavour cigarettes a day

Things To Know About Vaping

The only toxic ingredient in the eliquid is the nicotine. In its pure form, this is an extremely powerful poison. This makes it very clear that you should aim for the lowest possible dose, in order to avoid getting intoxicated.

Lately, vaping and eliquids have been regulated more severely. There are warning messages on the packaging of these products, in order to warn the users about the potential health hazards of vaping.

  • Safety And Storage
  • The eliquid should be stored away from children.
  • Even so, it’s best to use child-proof bottles.
  • If your skin gets in contact with the eliquid, you should wash it immediately with soap and water.
  • Be careful about eventual spills when you refill your cartridges.
  • Avoid ingesting the eliquid. If this happens, seek for emergency medical care.

Your eliquid should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from the reach of children. If you steep your eliquid, you’ll notice that it is going to improve its flavor. Moreover, it is going to become darker after a few days of steeping.

Vapemate is a company that cares for its clients. This is why they use only pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

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