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4 Ways Companies Can Be a Competitive Employer in 2020 and Beyond

When business owners are interviewing a potential new employee, chances are good the person is considering more than one position and company.

To help ensure that you get the cream of the crop selecting your business as the place where they want to work, it is important to be as competitive as possible in a number of ways.

As for what potential employees want to see in their next job, as well as how you can improve your chances of being chosen, consider the following.

They Want to Know Their Job Is Stable, Despite COVID-19

The pandemic has caused many companies to drastically reduce their workforce, or in some cases shut down all together. You know this, and the potential employee sitting across from you at the interview table knows this, too. To help set their minds at ease, reassure potential employees that your company is holding steady during COVID-19. 

If the position is the result of the pandemic and your company pivoting to provide new services, by all means let the candidate know. You don’t want the interviewee to leave your company feeling that the position may peter out at any time; rather, if you can make it clear that this is a permanent role, you may increase your chances of being selected.

Offer Innovative and State-of-the-Art Technology

Being an employer that has engaging and innovative technology for everyone to use is a huge plus for many potential employees — especially those who have recently graduated from college and the younger generation who knows all about the importance of smartphones and computers. During the interview, make it a point to talk about how you have invested in not only the latest computers and other useful gadgets, but also that you have tech that will help streamline their work, balance their workflow and keep your customers happy — whether your employees are currently in the office or working from home.

Job Seekers Want a Competitive Salary

While you are proud of your employee game room — that you can’t wait to get back to one day — and you strive to offer a positive workplace culture, the fact remains that employees also want to get a fair wage for their work. Choose a competitive and generous compensation plan, and be ready to adjust people’s pay as the labor market improves and you sell more products. Let potential employees know this, and also be sure to mention health and dental care plans, as well as any perks and rewards systems you have devised for your team.

Make Sure the Work Is Challenging and Rewarding

The last thing you want a plum job candidate to think during the interview is that the job will require hours of monotonous work. A forward-thinking employer like you will know the importance of challenging employees, both new and established. Letting the candidate know the details of the current job but also making it clear that you value growth and offer chances for advancement will make you a very competitive employer in 2020.

Be the Company People Want to Work for

This year has been challenging in so many ways, but attracting and getting the best job candidates does not have to be one of the difficulties. By making it clear the job is stable, providing helpful and innovative technology, opportunities for growth and a decent compensation plan, you should get an enthusiastic “yes!” from people when you offer them the job.

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