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4 YouTube Downloaders That Have Taken Internet Users By Storm

Downloading YouTube videos to mp3 format should not be what will worry internet users. Some people have lost interest after trying it once or twice. The problem that some people face is that they try to do it directly from YouTube, and they are always bounced back.

YouTube is a commercial platform, so every video you try to download on btclod – Youtube Downloader will certainly be possible only if you are ready to make payment.

The fact is that you can download the same video you are told to pay before you can download it for free. This is what you should do.

But before talking about what to do, these are the downloaders you need.

  • Best MP3 Downloader
  • Ontiva MP3 Downloader
  • Invideo MP3 Downloader
  • A Tube Catcher MP3 Downloader
  • Mp3 juice

1. Best MP3 Downloader

Best MP3 downloader prides itself as actually the best downloader; that is why the developers decided to give it that name. With its features, the name is not a fluke. It can download YouTube videos at high speed. It is highly compatible with devices and operating systems. It can be used without prior registration and can be used to download multiple videos.

6 steps used for downloading YouTube videos on Best MP3 Downloader

  • Copy the URL link of the video you want to download
  • Paste the link you have copied in the text box of Best MP3 Downloader
  • Select the MP3 format
  • Click on the Convert button
  • Wait for a while and click the Download button
  • Lastly, select a destination folder

2. Ontiva MP3 Downloader

Ontiva MP3 Downloader is a free online media conversion platform that enables you to download and convert YouTube videos to MP3. Ontiva MP3 Downloader allows users to download single videos and multiple videos at once. Internet users like Ontiva YouTube Downloader because, as soon as you download a video, the data of the user will be deleted immediately. Ontiva MP3 Downloader uses modern technology to make sure your video is converted at fast speed. It can be used instantly without any registration.

5 Steps for Converting YouTube Videos with Ontiva Video Downloader

  • Copy the URL of the video you want to download from the address bar
  • Paste the URL link in the allocated bar
  • Select the MP3 format
  • Click Convert so that the process of conversion can start
  • Lastly, click on Download to start playing your video

3. InVideo MP3 Downloader

Invideo MP3 Downloader is an online MP3 Downloader that can be used to convert and download youtube to mp3 converter videos to mp3 format easily. The video downloaded can be watched offline without data and can be shared with friends. Invideo is a cloud-based tool, which means internet users do not need to download any software before they can convert and download YouTube videos with Invideo MP3 Downloader. Invideo is very compatible as it can be browsed from a desktop, laptop, smartphone and a lot of other devices. It is also compatible with major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, and a whole lot of others. Invideo is free, but its major setback is that it cannot convert and download a video that is more than 60 minutes length. Although the developers have argued that it is not a setback, but it is an attempt to make the downloader more efficient.

4 Steps for Downloading YouTube Videos with Invideo MP3 Downloader

  • Log in to YouTube and copy the URL link of the video
  • Open Invideo Downloader and paste the link
  • Click Convert Video
  • Invide MP3 Downloader will pull the video and give you options to download the video

4. A Tube Catcher MP3 Downloader

A Tube Catcher is one of the most popular downloaders on the internet. Statistics show that A Tube Catcher has downloaded more than one hundred and twenty million videos for clients from all over the world. A Tube Catcher has been around for more than ten years. That is a testament to those that might be doubting the figure of successful downloads we talked about. With A Tube Catcher, you can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Spike, Yahoo, Globo, Rvte, and a whole lot of others. Videos downloaded with A Tube Catcher can be exported to IPAD, IPOD, PSP, GPS Devices, Android Phones, DVD, VCD, and iPhone.

A Tube Catcher can help you burn your videos in DVD/VCD without having to download any software. For easy navigation of the website, you can select any of the English Language, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish.

We will like to refer our readers to the steps used for downloading videos on Ontiva mp4 to mp3 Downloader. When you know the steps very well, you can also apply it when you want to download videos with A Tube Catcher.

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