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3 Tips to Get Your Company to Go Solar

Running a successful business means keeping ahead of the curve. That can be harder than ever these days with the pace of technology’s advancement proceeding at an increasingly fast clip.

You’ve likely heard about the Fortune 500 companies switching to solar power and have wondered if it’s time for your business to do the same. There’s a lot of reasons to go solar, and walking through them might allow you to convince those you do business with to see the value in going solar.

What do you need to know about going solar to make a solid case? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you should know.

1. It Can Save You Money

Many business owners look at the cost of installing solar panels and balk at the idea of having to stomach a high up-front cost. However, it’s important to consider the installation of solar panels as an investment because it can save you a great deal of money down the line.

On top of that, the price of installing solar is falling.

The main place you’re going to be seeing a lot of saving is on your utilities. The cost of electricity keeps rising. On the other hand, solar provides power that is more affordable than ever.

Most companies that switch to solar power see a massive decrease in their utility spending—some as much as 75%! That can add up to a huge amount of savings over many months.

On top of that, businesses are allowed to deduct 85% of the value of their solar panels out of their taxes. That provides another way to seriously offset the upfront cost of getting these panels set up.

2. Going Green Is the Future

You care about the planet and you want to do your part to lower your carbon footprint. Working with solar companies to switch your business over to a new source of power is a great way to do that.

However, you’ll get an added bonus to going green as well. Supporting green businesses is important to a great many consumers as well.

Showing your audience that you prioritize the health of the planet is likely to help your business appeal to many potential customers. It might even help you grow and expand the reach of your business.

The same goes for your team of employees. It’s more important than ever to many workers to be employed somewhere that has a focus on sustainability. Switching to solar demonstrates to all where your values lie and make you more attractive as a business.

3. Stability and Security

Electricity prices can fluctuate greatly. Especially in today’s market, there’s a great deal of price volatility, at least as it pertains to costs related to power due to varying levels of demand across a county, city, or state.

This can provide a huge headache for business owners that are trying to keep their budget in place month after month. Solar can help to lock in a price and make managing a budget much more reasonable.

Reasons to Go Solar

If you’re trying to convince your company to let go of old ways and go solar, the above information can be hugely helpful. There are so many reasons to embrace solar energy and your business could start making the transition tomorrow.

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