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These Are the 6 Telltale Signs That It Is Time to Junk Your Car

“If you love it, let it go.”

These words are always a tough pill to swallow, especially when you’re giving up your old car. After all, the memories, trips, and overall loyalty of your vehicle can make it seem like an old friend.

For safety’s sake, though, you will likely have to junk your car at some point, even if you don’t want to. Keep reading to learn the telltale signs that it’s time to junk your car.

1. The Repair Costs Equal More Than the Car’s Value

While you might learn to live with a broken A/C or a stuck window, there are certain repairs that unavoidable. Unfortunately, in many cases, these tend to be the most expensive.

For example, if your transmission is shot, or if you have a leaking gas line, driving your car would be impossible or, at the very least, unsafe. If these cost more than the resale value of the vehicle, then it’s time to cut your losses and junk a car.

2. Significant Rust or Corrosion Means You Need to Junk Your Car

Certain things within the engine can be fixed, but there is rarely a financially sensible way to address rust or corrosion on your car’s body. It’s not just unsightly to look at: it can also lead to serious malfunctions down the road. If you see significant rust or corrosion on the body, then it’s time to junk your car.

3. Your Vehicle Has an Inferior Safety Rating

Modern car designs have come a long way in terms of safety. If you’re driving an older car that doesn’t come close, then your best option is to junk your car. Then, you can use that money towards a newer, safer model.

4. You’re Constantly Experiencing Car Trouble

Having a car is supposed to set you free, not hold you back. If you constantly find yourself experiencing car trouble, or just not trusting your vehicle to get you from A to B, then it’s time to junk your car.

5. You’ve Passed the 200,000 Miles Mark

The average car should last until the 200,000 miles mark. Once you’ve passed this point, then it’s time to start thinking about junking the car and purchasing a new vehicle.

6. You Can’t Sell It

When you’re considering a new car, you have two basic options for dealing with the old one. You can either try to sell it, or you can junk your car.

If none of the above issues apply to the car, then you might consider trying to sell it. However, if no one really wants to buy it, then it might be time to consider junking it instead.

Deciding Whether to Junk Your Car

Deciding to junk your car is never easy, especially when you’ve got years of happy memories associated with it. Still, this difficult decision can often lead you to get a new car that you love even more. Now that you know the common telltale signs that it’s time to junk your car, you’ll be ready to make that call when the time comes.

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