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Why You Need an Instant Online W2 Form Generator for Your Business

When it comes to life only two things are certain…and one of them is taxes. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, if you make over 12K annually, you must file taxes.

As a business owner tax time can get stressful for your HR department and even more so if you’re a small business owner as most of the time, you are the HR department.

So let’s take a look at one way you can help alleviate that stress by using a form generator to help issue those w2’s.


If you are still filling out information with pencil and paper, it’s time you join everyone in the 21st century. With the advances in technology, when it comes to w2 software, there’s no longer a need to do it all by hand.

A W2 form generator a great way to streamline recordkeeping, which in turn helps you to manage business cash flow and prepare for the next fiscal year.

Each year you must keep in mind the different deadlines associated with W2’s:

  • January 1st to December 31st- The start and end of the tax year
  • January 31st- Submission deadline for prior year employees W2
  • February 28/29 – The paper filing deadline for employers Copy A of form W2
  • March 31- Deadline for online filing of employees Copy A of Form W2

Form Generator Consistency

Whether you’re just starting out or an established business with many years behind you, consistency of brand is essential. With a form generator, you can maintain the same branding that is seen throughout your business.

Are you looking to change up your company name or logo? Updating your w2 forms is a simple drag and drop method. No need to spend hours trying to figure out how to get an image from your computer to the file, companies like ThePayStubs do it all for you.  


At larger corporations with in house HR departments, human capital is on hand no matter what job needs to get done. The amount that is spent on staff salary and benefits is enough to make any startups head spin.  

With form generators, you are able to do the work of an entire department in just a few short clicks. This saves you the cost of having to hire an HR/Payroll department or an outside accountant.

The Bottom Line

Filling out a W2 for an employee does not take along, and it’s even faster when the form generator has already designed it for you. There is no need to spend extra time and money trying to find someone else to do it when there are perfectly good form generators available.

Creating an annual habit of filling out the W2 form can help alleviate the stress that usually goes along with it because half of the work is already done.

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