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Why autumn is a good time to consider moving offices

When is autumn? Admittedly, it’s not always easy to pin down specific dates for when the UK’s autumn season starts and ends, as the country’s Met Office cites both astronomical and meteorological definitions of autumn, Devon Live explains.

While the astronomical season – determined by the earth’s axis and orbit around the sun – runs from 22 September to 21 December in 2020, the meteorological season always – for simplicity’s sake – runs from 1 September to 30 November. So, why start mulling an office move for the autumn? 

You can carefully plan your move well in advance

Often, when the obvious need for a new office presents itself, it’s not because a new season has begun; it’s because your company really needs that new office from a practical point of view. For example, you might need extra space in which to accommodate a growing number of workers.

However, as you shouldn’t rush your decision of which new office to move into, planning your relocation for autumn even if that season hasn’t arrived yet could give you ample time to plan ahead. It’s a good idea to create a moving checklist so that you can easily go through each item that needs to be accounted for. You should also get in touch with a reputable moving company like Mayflower to help you execute the move.

You can consider various workplace options

These days, there are many different types of workspace a company can opt to take up. If your business is still relatively small, you might be happy with a co-working space or maybe even a virtual office if you are content to work from home.

If you want a single solution packaging various essentials like Wi-Fi, CCTV and pro-working lounges, consider a serviced office from BE Offices. Give yourself time to consider all of the options available.

The end of the year is now in sight

As points out, this can be a surprisingly powerful motivating factor. As autumn arrives, we are reminded that summer has just gone – and, therefore, that the close of the year isn’t too far away. There are only a few months left for you to complete work planned for “this year”.

Hence, autumn can be a popular time for office moves – but you shouldn’t be too worried about the possibility of removal firms not being available…

It’s relatively easy for you to transport your essentials

That’s because, well, removal firms often are available in the autumn – because they aren’t too preoccupied with house moves. Also, winter isn’t yet here, so the weather hopefully won’t be unbearable. That’s just as well, as implies that transporting crucial equipment like computers and filing cabinets can be an especially difficult part of an office move.

Autumn is a great time to “hit the ground running”

With summer now over, chances are that all of your workers have now had their holidays and aren’t planning too many more days off for what remains of the year. Consequently, your team is probably back at full strength and so well-positioned to withstand disruption the office move could bring.

Many other firms on which your move will rely – like removals firms and providers of broadband and telecoms services – are probably similarly well-staffed and so especially ready to help you.

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