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Top Services Provided By Software Development Company

In this article, a short overview of the primary services provided by a software development company is suggested.

Backend Development

Backend development implies server-side development. In simpler words, this process is responsible for the proper functioning of mechanisms of the website hidden ‘’under the hood’’. It means when a user does any action on the website, it is underpinned by a complicated set of internal tools. A backend is where all the data is located and classified into the following components: server, application, and database.

Accordingly, backend engineers must know the mechanism of action of a database, specific programming languages, and architecture. They create the inner part of the application and ensure it works seamlessly, with minimum downtime and excellent performance.

Software Development

software development

Another service comes from the name of the software development company. Creating software solutions is the primary function of modern IT companies, outsourcing organizations, or products. Outsourcing organizations deliver their services to clients, from building applications from scratch to consulting and updating their on-premises platforms. Product companies usually develop their products, test them, and provide maintenance.

API Development

API stands for the development of application programming interfaces. API appeared to be a revolutionary solution offered by a software development company. The APIs work in such a way – developers build cross-platform application interfaces, that can interact between multiple third-party software platforms.

For example, you use a mobile app. To process your request via app, it connects to the internet and sends data to a server. The server finds the requested information and transmits it back to the app. The program converts it into a readable format and represents it to you. This is how API works.

Embedded Systems Software Development

The boom of embedded (firmware) systems may be related to the advent of IoT. Embedded systems development is a service delivered by a software development company. It involves creating specific small or big non-computer tools with integrated software managed by small computers and microprocessors. It may be multifunctional or monofunctional. Such devices can have or have not any screens and buttons.

Security Software Development

Security Software

A dedicated software development team’s task is to provide the top-notch security of the software they are building. The application must comply with all security rules, be resistant to cyberattacks, and react to threats immediately. Thus, in this process, cybersecurity professionals are involved in order to protect data and the company’s system. These experts are responsible for creating secure software, protected from malware. The aim is also to find out the vulnerable spots and minimize hackers’ chance to identify these weak points.

These were the most common areas of work of a traditional software development company. If you want to bring your project to life, you need to partner with a tech and business savvy company to get the desired results and high-quality software solution at the end.

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