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What to Consider When Decorating a Villa

So now you’ve moved into your new villa and now it is time to decorate. This time can either be very exciting, very overwhelming or the unique combination of both! With many villas for sale in Dubai, you’ll certainly want your property to stand out from the rest, especially if you’ll be decorating it for the purpose of short-term rentals.

If you have made the decision to upgrade your villa to showcase its amazing character, here are some things to consider:

1: Factor in the Climate

Sometimes when you have grown so used to something, it’s easy to forget certain attributes and how they affect others. In the case of interior design, do not forget to factor in the climate.

With its constancy tropical yet desert disposition, all year around your home would be prone to humidity and of course heat.  That being said, the renovation of your home needs to have practical aspects rather than strict design elements. That is, air conditioning is certainly a must along with furnishings and accessories that add a modern element without retaining added heat. Décor items such as wallpapers are also a less popular choice, due to the fact that it is quite difficult to apply as well as to maintain.

2: Hire a Designer

Perhaps, one of the easiest things to consider is the actual use and service of a designer. Neighbourhood such as Arabian Ranches Villas feature Spanish styled accommodation, therefore, you’ll truly be requiring the service of an interior designer to help you accentuate this theme.

When we take on tasks that are not suited to our skill set, we tend to demolish the entire theme in the process. While this particular service is an expensive necessity, one or two visits rather than the management of the process are actually all that is needed. This would give you fresh and creative perspectives that you never thought about!

3: Mix Old With New

One thing you’ll notice with the villas for sale in Dubai is its epic mixture of modern with traditional. Modern homes tend to feature sleek and clean lines, elegant and minimalistic luxury. On the other hand, the traditional Arabic theme is exciting, warm and inviting. The merge and mixture of both these themes create limitless possibilities for you to truly make your home one of a kind. After all, decorating a villa certainly doesn’t have to be boring but it should certainly be a reflection of you!

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