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How to Create Your Own Website for Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, businesses find more competition in each and every field. Each and every business makes some effort to stand in the competition. As everything goes online today, maintaining a website and providing services online is an important need for every business.

Why a website is an essential component for a business?

Improve Online Visibility

One of the best things about websites for small businesses is the fact that it will help you to become more visible. If you are online, you will be more visible, especially if your website is optimised to appear on the top of search engine results.

Build Credibility

Another reason for the importance of websites for small businesses is the fact that it makes you more credible. Even if you are a small business, if you have a notable online presence, you can easily be credible in the eyes of your clients, similar to your larger competitors.

A good sales platform

Websites for entrepreneurs are also helpful because it can be a good sales channel. Nowadays, a lot of businesses are tapping the power of the internet through e-commerce. This makes it simple to sell products and services of the business

Cost-effective Marketing Channel

Websites for small businesses will require minimal investment, yet it can yield high returns. It can provide an all-in-one marketing strategy, as long as it is optimised to be highly visible online.

As websites provide this much benefit most of the entrepreneurs want to build their own website. However, the question arises, how to create your own website for entrepreneurs? The answer is so simple. This can be achieved with the help of a website building tool like Wix.

About Wix

Wix is a premier website builder that is used by millions of site owners today in the world. This is an online platform that permits the user to create websites for free by using the tools in it. Users can make a website through simple drag and drops. The result is a contemporary, professional looking website with little time and no cost. Wix enables the user to make basic web pages in an easy and quick way. Although creating complex pages in Wix takes a little bit of time and effort, the learning curve is relatively simple and quick. This is especially obvious if you wish to branch out and run a blog and a mobile version of your website because you will need to work on both on the regular editor, as well as the dedicated mobile editor.


This website builder offers a wide range of stylish selections. Users have the choice of customizing existing templates. This is also exceptional for helping any social media marketing campaigns that the users have and this is because it permits the user to create welcome pages and banners on Facebook and a website that is friendly to mobile users.

Let us see how to create a website by using Wix

Sign up for an account

This website builder needs the user to sing up into it to create an account just like the other online services. The user has to give their email address and password to create an account. They can also sign up by using their Facebook or Google account

Select the website type

After successful sign up, the user has to choose the type of the website he or she needs to create

Template section

After selecting the website type, the user will be directed to a selection of templates. Users can search for popular website templates and as well as unique templates. Also, they can select their template as per their website category.

Change details

Once the user has selected the template, Wix will navigate the user to preview the template and where the user can edit the template and provide their own details. Users can do this by simply dragging and dropping the elements.

Media update

Users also have the option to change some of the visual elements of their site. For example, users can change the photo on the template that’s specific to their business. Similarly, users have the option for changing the background as well. Users can change the color of the background or they can upload a photo or video as background

Do this for every page

Once the user has finish designing the home page, he or she has to do this for all the pages they wish to add to the site. Users can simply click on the navigation bar to select the page and add whatever elements they need to add in the page

Add a Blog

By using the sidebar, users can add a blog to the website that they created by including the page elements

Publish the site

After completing all the tasks, the user has to publish the site. Users can preview the site to check everything. To publish the site user has to click on the “publish” button. The domain name of the site appears on the popup after this.

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