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What Is the Purpose of a Car Lip Splitter?

The aftermarket car industry came in at a whopping $282 billion in 2020. When you factor in medium- and heavy-duty aftermarket revenues, it jumps to a combined $381 billion.

Why does the aftermarket car parts industry continue to perform so strongly? Because people with discerning tastes won’t settle for anything less than a customized ride.

There are a variety of car modifications that you can make. They include everything from engine modifications to turbochargers and car splitters. Not sure what a car or lip splitter is?

Keep reading to learn all about this aerodynamic drag must-have.

What Is a Lip Splitter?

A lip splitter is a modification to the body of the car. It attaches to the bottom of the front bumper and has an appearance like a flat scoop. These attachments are typically manufactured from durable materials such as carbon fiber.

How does a car splitter improve the performance of a vehicle? It permits a car to maintain better traction at high speeds.

How does it work? As an automobile reaches top speeds, air pressure builds at the front of the car. This pressure causes the vehicle to experience lift, with the front of the car lightening and lifting.

The result? Reduced traction on the road.

But a car splitter forces the high-pressure air upwards so that it migrates up and over the car. As for high-speed, low-pressure air, the downward force directs the airflow beneath the car’s undercarriage.

This intervention reduces the lift on the vehicle, permitting it to hug the ground and maintain traction. Like a spoiler, it relies on airflow alterations to disrupt existing airflow patterns, rendering them more favorable.

Many drivers combine front bumper openings with a splitter for added effect, thereby directing the extra airflow into the radiator and brake ducts for cooling. Follow this link to transit custom splitters to find out more.

A Lip Kit Versus a Car Splitter

What’s the difference between a lip kit and a car splitter? While some people use these terms nearly interchangeably, you’ll want to pay attention to pricing and installation differences. For starters, you can save a great deal of money with a lip splitter.

Yet, you’ll still enjoy the enhanced performance. Like a car splitter, a lip kit gets installed on the bumper of the vehicle.

The majority of lip kits are non-invasive and easily installed. A great kit can last the life of your automobile with proper care, yet it remains easy to remove.

Car splitters are fabricated from carbon fiber, alumilite, fiberglass, and other composites. As for lip kits? They’re comprised of durable, high-quality rubber.

You must also consider the materials used in a car splitter or lip kit. Car splitters can get dinged, dented, and scratched by a stray pebble, whereas a lip kit will safely deflect this debris.

What should you bear in mind when choosing between an air dam such as a lip kit or a car splitter? It all comes down to budget, material preference, and style preference.

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