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The British Touring Car Championship: Race Cars Vs Road Cars

As motor athletics has modified, therefore has the instrumentation and nearly all professional-level race cars area unit currently homologated and offered through the motorsport arms of carmakers. I used to be in person fascinated by exploring the similarities and variations between road cars and their auto counterparts.

Race cars area unit designed to be driven laborious for a comparatively short amount of your time, and then remodelled for succeeding race. Street cars, by comparison, haven’t got to endure as harsh conditions as race cars; however they have to last more miles with least maintenance.

Fenske uses one in all Andretti Autosport’s Formula E racers as a attentiveness, however the fundamental principles applies to any or all race cars, whether or not they are designed for fast sprints, 24-hour endurance races, or multi-day rallies.

This isn’t to mention race and road cars area unit diametric opposites, though. A racing car uses several of constant basic parts as a road car, however most of these elements area unit designed with a really totally different task in mind.

We’re 2 race weekends into the sensible 2019 British car Championship and we’ve already seen many twists and turns as prime skilled athletics corporations pit themselves against one another to assert the title in a Gregorian calendar month.

When you compare a race car to a street car, there wouldn’t be much of a difference to the untrained eye, perhaps just a slicker body with more colours and sponsors on it.

Although looking similar, these race cars have been modified and turned into completely different beasts. The engine size, wheels and complete interior have all been restructured and redesigned to in order for the car to reach its full racing potential and hit the speeds it needs to compete successfully against the other racers.

The sponsors of this year’s British Touring Car Championship Kwik Fit have put together a cool; interesting infographic that helps highlight all the main differences between race cars and street cars and the factors which contribute to making these race cars possible.

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