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What Do Car Exhaust Systems Do?

Did you know that 25% of cars in the USA are over 16 years old?

While this is a complement to carmakers, who build with longevity in mind, cars become less efficient over time. This is especially true for car exhaust systems.

This means that these cars are spewing out far more dirt into the air than newer models.

If you own an older car and are looking to swap out the exhaust, what do you need to know? How do exhaust systems work? Why not read on to find out.

What Does an Exhaust System Do?

The exhaust system basically has two functions. The first and primary function is to remove gases and used fuel from the car engine system. This will include the removal of harmful gases. Often the exhaust system will convert these gases into less harmful substances.

The second function is to control noise levels. Engines create a lot of noise, and one of the few escape routes for this noise is the exhaust. Of course, this can be customized so that noise levels will be as high or low as you want.

Although we are talking about exhaust systems, there are many different systems, including a straight exhaust and Magnaflow Exhaust systems. However, the same principles and goals apply.

What Are its Major Parts?

Exhaust systems are made up of several very different parts, including catalytic converter and muffler systems. Let’s take some of this one by one and see what they do.

Exhaust Valve

After combustion occurs in the engine, the gases are immediately released into the exhaust system. The exhaust valve regulates this.


Each engine has multiple cylinders, all of which produce exhaust gas. The engine manifold collects the gas from each cylinder and routes it to the exhaust system.

Catalytic Converter

After the gases have entered the exhaust system, the catalytic converter will remove harmful elements from it. It does this by burning any unused fuel elements within the gas.


The role of the muffler is to reduce noise levels before they leave the exhaust pipe. The muffler contains barriers that reflect sound waves back into the engine.

How Are Gas Levels Monitored?

The exhaust system plays an important role in managing the efficiency of the engine and fuel management.

There are sensors in the manifold and possibly the exhaust pipe, which monitors unspent fuel and gas levels. This data is then forwarded to the engine control system computer.

Learn About Car Exhaust Systems and Much More

Do you need to repair or replace your car exhaust system? First, you need to learn about the parts that make up your exhaust system and their roles.

Car exhaust systems are not complicated, but they require that each part be carefully maintained to ensure that they are compliant with emissions regulations.

If you are interested in learning more about cars, lifestyle, and business topics, why not check out our other blog articles.

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