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6 Best SEO Practices To Grow Your Business’ Visibility And Sales

In a post-pandemic world, the digital footprint of your company plays an even more important role in the success of your business goals. Leveraging Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in a strategic way makes your products and services more discoverable to millions of users, who are organically looking for information and solutions every day.

SEO is known to deliver a high return on investment, generating leads for your business. It can also help you identify newer demographics and expand your customer base. However, the most important rule is to develop an SEO strategy that functions within the existing ethical framework.

This is because search engine algorithms are constantly being updated to detect abuse of SEO. The goal is to showcase credible, high-value, original, and authentic content. Here are some evergreen rules that drive more SEO impact.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

When building online content around your business for a website, social media, or blogs, it’s important to identify what Internet users are looking for and use those keywords strategically. They must, of course, connect to your products and services, and could comprise a mix of words and phrases.

There are several keyword tools available – both free and paid – that offer insights into what consumers are searching for. The second aspect to understand is that keywords must be used meaningfully. Otherwise, search engine algorithms recognize “keyword stuffing”, where content creators use keywords so many times in a piece of content that it appears forced. This leads to a lower ranking in the search engines.

SEO experts keep regular tabs on search engine algorithms and understand how to leverage keywords in the right way, while professional content writers understand how to weave content strategically.

Make Sure Your Website Is Responsive

As more and more Internet users migrate to mobile consumption, websites that do not adapt well to mobile phones lead to users spending less time on a page, even if the content is relevant to them.

The amount of time spent on a website is a parameter that influences search engine algorithms. If a page takes too long to load, and the content layout looks messy, users are likely to exit the page instantly.

So, make sure your website is compatible across all devices –  mobiles, laptops, desktops, and tablets. Platforms like WordPress offer several free and paid responsive themes that come with continued support from developers. This is a key step in your overall SEO strategy.


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Boost Organic Product Reviews

The virtues of word-of-mouth can be translated into the virtual world. Nudging satisfied consumers to post reviews on app stores, review websites as well as social media profiles impacts how search rankings. The best way to nudge consumers to post reviews is to ask them. This can be done in multiple ways – email, app, website, as well as in person. For example, if you run a restaurant, you can politely request a happy customer to share their reviews on your social media pages, as well as relevant reviews. Keeping it organic is the best way since search engine algorithms are capable of detecting fake user reviews.

Keep Your Social Media Profiles Updated

Sometimes companies set up their social media profiles across all platforms without having a concrete plan on how often they would be updated. Sometimes the profiles lack basic information such as a website link, correct content number, and email ID. Companies also make the mistake of posting the same content across every profile, without understanding that target audiences differ.

Not fulfilling these hygiene protocols creates low trust, even if your company offers the best products and services. The first step is to identify what social platforms are relevant for your business and a strategy to build your brand’s narrative through them. Ensure that the “About us” section and contact information is updated and in line with SEO requirements. Social media content must also be updated on a regular basis, with the right usage of keywords and hashtags.


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Build Website Content Strategically

It may seem like an obvious step. However, many businesses, even those that belong to the league of the Fortune 500s, often forget to update their websites. Product and services information is left incomplete. Sometimes it also reads in an unpersuasive way.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that websites must serve the consumer in a relevant way, based on whether it is a company website, a social or publishing platform, or a consumer support interface. A poorly designed interface with incomplete content results in poor consumer experience, and this reflects in search algorithms.

The usage of too many plug-ins, pop-ups, and features also reduce functionality as well as consumer delight. Updating the website on a regular basis, including brand blogs, is a good practice to improve overall SEO impact.

Seed Backlinks Across The Internet

Seeding useful and relevant content across the Internet, which links back to your website helps more users discover your website, while also increasing credibility and trust if done right. For example, if you answer questions on Quora with the expertise connected to your business offerings, and link back to say a blog on your website, this can help users view you as an expert. It strengthens brand recall, paves the way for meaningful engagement, and potentially, choosing your product offerings. Similarly, backlinks can be embedded in external blogs, authored articles, social platforms, and other websites. But it needs to be done in a meaningful way and not viewed or experienced as spam.

Find The Right SEO Partner

Ultimately a successful SEO strategy is an amalgamation of several different practices. Partnering with a professional agency that excels at SEO is a cost-effective investment for businesses. Furthermore, it’s preferable to opt for an agency that has a comprehensive offering, as SEO cannot be approached in isolation.

For instance, Uplers, a multi-dimensional white label agency, while offering the full gamut of digital marketing services, also offers cost-effective, in-depth SEO services. The Uplers team comprises a mix of SEO experts, content writers and marketers, website developers, social media pros, and UI/UX designers, working towards common business goals.

Partnering with the right agency can help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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