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Air Conditioning Tools 101

Is your car’s air conditioner broken or working inefficiently? A damaged AC system can be a frustrating thing, particularly in the middle of summer. Learn how you can perform all the DIY repairs you need with these professional air conditioning tools. From refrigerant to vacuum pumps, select the tools you need and find the best auto parts near me.

Cool Down With New Refrigerant

Your cooling system uses a refrigerant to rapidly cool the air that circulates through your interior. A common refrigerant is R134a. Some refrigerant canisters from with a pressure gauge, while others require you to use an AC manifold gauge set to refill your refrigerant. Over time, your coolant system may leak refrigerant or decrease in pressure. A new canister of refrigerant can recharge your system and boost your AC’s cooling power.

Clean Your System With a Flush Kit

Restore your air conditioner’s pressure and performance with a thorough cleaning. A flush kit uses compressed air and a flushing liquid to clean your coolant lines, condenser and compressor.

Most flush kits are generic, but it’s always a good idea to consult any vehicle repair manuals before use. Check your service manual for other issues with the pressure or performance of your coolant system. A flush kit should remove any debris that is causing your system to be constrained, but there could be other issues that are affecting the overall pressure and performance.

Test for Proper Performance With an AC Manifold Gauge Set

To test these issues and keep your air conditioner working properly for years to come, you need an AC manifold gauge set. This premium tool is loaded with features that help you diagnose and repair your system.

First, it uses three hoses to test the AC pressure and refill the refrigerant. Connect the blue hose to the low-pressure port, the red hose to the high-pressure port and the yellow hose to your replacement refrigerant canister.

An AC manifold gauge set can determine whether your system needs more pressure, less pressure or if it’s improperly sealing. These features make it easy to diagnose any cooling system issues and perform the necessary repairs. For many AC repair projects, your refrigerant is low. For more extensive projects, you may need to replace sections of your AC line, clean out other sections and create a vacuum in your system.

Recharge Your System With an AC Vacuum Pump

The last tool that should be in every air conditioning toolkit is a vacuum pump. Under normal operations, your air conditioning system is under a vacuum. Any restrictions or leaks in the lines will cause your system to work inefficiently or to not work at all.

A vacuum pump can create the optimal vacuum that you need to enjoy crisp, cool air all summer long. If the cost of a vacuum pump is holding you back, look for a local AC vacuum pump rental service to perform the necessary repairs you need. Shop for the best brands and great deals on all these air conditioning tools to take on your next DIY project.

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