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In-Vehicle Entertainment Proliferates for Fleet Drivers

It is important that all drivers in the fleet industry remain focused to avoid accidents and deliver services efficiently. However, to reduce driver turnover, fleet managers have realized that these drivers need to stay motivated and entertained as they run errands. In addition to installing the surveillance EyeRide fleet cameras in the cabin of the fleet vehicles, it is also crucial to have a high-quality stereo and Bluetooth-enabled infotainment system for the comfort of the driver.

The good thing is that manufacturers of various infotainment systems have come up with customized devices for almost all vehicles. Most of the latest automobiles come with manufacturer devices already installed although it is easy to add aftermarket ones, which work equally well. As the manager of a fleet, ensure that you look into this matter seriously. Some surveys have shown that proper devices allow drivers to focus on the road and keep their phones away, which is the number one factor in distracting them.

The Android Multipurpose Device

We have seen that many cars are coming already equipped with a multipurpose dashboard unit with a touchscreen. The Android Auto app can be downloaded to allow the users to see all the features of their phone on the screen when it is connected via Bluetooth. One of the benefits of this is that the screen is big and that the driver can see what she or he is looking for with ease. The other benefit is that navigation is easy and convenient through the steering buttons. Most vehicles even come with a call and hang-up button right on the steering wheel. Using such technology will go a long way in keeping the drivers comfortable and well entertained throughout their journeys.

Apple Car Play Device

Another option for bringing an array of tools close to the driver is the use of an Apple Car Play device. It allows one to use a dashboard unit with a touchscreen to make calls and receive messages. We cannot forget the high-quality music especially when connected to good speakers. Just like with Android Auto, most vehicle experts will be able to install this for you even if it did not come with the vehicle originally.

Apple’s iTunes Store has been known to have the most comprehensive catalog of music. It has all the music this world can offer. Therefore, drivers will be able to play their music of choice as they move around performing various errands.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Device

SiriusXM Satellite Radio uses a device that is already fitted in most modern vehicles. It is highly customized for fleet vehicles. Companies can enjoy the first two months for free. It has an array of entertainment features for the drivers, including a reward for the best drivers on the road. This package is actually the best any fleet company can embrace especially since it uses satellites to broadcast information. The reception will reach everywhere.


One of the most important things when it comes to dealing with fleet drivers is maintaining them as part of the staff of the fleet company. Experts predict that in-dash entertainment is the one thing that will keep drivers glued to that truck or van for a long time and enable them to perform their duties diligently.

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