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The Most Popular Managed IT Support Services

Are you interested in hiring managed IT support services? Due to the ongoing digital transformation and higher risk of security breaches, many businesses choose to team up with a technology partner.

Hiring a managed service provider (MSP) is more than just remaining current but also capable of staying connected to your customers. MSPs offer a variety of IT support services as a response to the downsizing of computer departments and in-house IT teams.

Such partnerships enable companies to get assistance in security management, network, and infrastructure, communication, data backup, end-user issues, etc. 

Have a look at the most popular managed IT support services explained in detail. 

Networking and infrastructure

One of the most popular managed IT support services is networking and infrastructure. MSPs provide an extensive range of support options that assist companies in handling LANs, WANs, and other computing system aspects. These services might include onsite infrastructure setup, mobile networking, managed cloud infrastructure, remotely managed print services, managed storage backup, etc. For instance, onsite infrastructure setup refers to setting up software and hardware at the headquarters of your company instead of requesting an in-house IT team to perform this task. 

Moreover, mobile networking means enabling your team to connect through wireless devices from any location. MSPs also provide managed cloud infrastructure to companies for their employees to attend virtual meetings and collaborate on projects. If you wish to allow part of your personnel to print out the documentation on the firm’s network from any location, you should take advantage of remotely managed print services. 

The storage backup provided by MSPs makes it possible for the staff to update assignments and upload information from anywhere while providing remote backup protection. You can outsource wireless and cloud management in the hands of professionals to handle these technical aspects while leaving your staff to handle their everyday tasks. 

Security management

Another popular form of assistance offered by MSPs is related to the field of security management. These providers are experts in making the computer systems of companies safer with the help of different risk prevention and security management services. These professionals install anti-malware software on the computer programs of companies to provide protection to networks from viruses. Read more about the benefits of antivirus programs. 

IT Support Services

Furthermore, these providers of managed IT support services offer maintenance to ensure the latest software updates are installed, thus preventing the risk of viruses and hackers penetrating the security protocols of your company and infecting your system. Security management assistance is also offered to ensure application compatibility. It means these professionals make sure the hardware and software components of networks are compatible and integrated. 

Data analytics

Another managed IT support service of great assistance to companies is data analytics. The large amounts of computer data can be overwhelming and confusing for businesses that aren’t directly involved in the information technology sector. In such cases, many businesses decide to outsource data analytics and have this burden removed off their shoulders. 

The process of data analysis is multi-layered, as it starts with data observation and finishes with pattern investigations. IT specialists translate the essential information aspects to make data accessible to all team members. As a result, the company will make better plans for impending trends and take a proactive approach to business goal implementation. Follow this link,, to learn more on the topic of data analytics. 

IT Support Services

24/7 service desk

A round-the-clock service desk is among the greatest services offered by MSPs. It provides 24/7 support to companies that outsource their IT services. These desks are operated by trained technicians instead of call agents so as to provide solutions for most problems on the spot. 

Regardless of how minor or major the problems of companies are, service desk technicians are always willing to lend a hand. Make sure your MSP offers a help desk solution, as your employees will have someone to turn to when coping with IT problems. 

Remote IT support

This sort of remote information technology support is highly necessary for solving an array of end-user issues. The most common end-user problems include failure of employees to connect to the internet, frozen or slow computers, failure to print, lost passwords, log-in difficulties, etc. All these issues can be resolved remotely by using tools that enable complete access to the systems and network of a company. 

In addition, remote IT support services involve software installation, application repairs, and advanced troubleshooting. Such assistance is available at various levels, ranging from help with desktop programs to helping employees with software and hardware issues. It’s common for staff members to experience some issues during business hours with a certain protocol or program. All they need to do in such cases is get in touch with the remote support center. 

Even though most of the IT support tasks are performed remotely, some issues require on-site support. Businesses shouldn’t worry, as most MSPs offer such assistance as well. They send technicians to the site of the client if the problem cannot be resolved remotely. Companies can also take advantage of the on-site scheduled services provided by MSPs, which aren’t essential but helpful. 

Communication services

The majority of MSPs offer data, voice, and video support included in their communications package. IT specialists enable staff members to share data on their laptops, computers, and mobile devices from any location. They also allow colleagues to speak to each other, either one-on-one or in conversations that involve multiple members. 

Additionally, video support is crucial for allowing companies to hold conferences from virtually anywhere with the help of an internet connection. It won’t be a problem for your company to hold a conference, even though staff members are scattered everywhere. Some businesses even decide to encompass a remotely managed support center as part of the services in this category. Click here to see nine steps for hosting a great virtual conference.

Backup and disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery is a service of great assistance to businesses creating loads of data that require protection. Such solutions are essential for providing the foundation of every business. It’s a crucial investment for the protection of each company. A reputable MSP will help you choose and manage the best backup and disaster recovery solution for your business by offering multiple options to fit your needs. 


MSPs offer software programs that companies can subscribe to on a monthly or annual basis. The SaaS can be either a program maintained and developed by the IT provider or made available by a third-party developer. All security patches and updates become installed from the moment they are available for such a step. SaaS provides businesses with peace of mind that their software programs will be safe and functional on any device. 

Microsoft Office licensing

Last but not least, Microsoft Office licensing is provided by MSPs to help businesses choose the right Microsoft plans and products. They also offer assistance when companies migrate from their current solution to another one. Your employees stand to gain from the help desk, which provides assistance 24/7.

The bottom line

Teaming up with an MSP is your best chance of staying IT-relevant, competitive, and protected from security breaches in your industry!

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