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Wireless Technology

Wireless communication is used to transfer information or any type of data between two or more points that are not connected by electrical means. Now, a wireless communication system has become the most important part of our daily life. Radio is one of the best examples of wireless communication. In our daily life, all the devices are handled by wireless remote control. They are many devices used for wireless communication, such as mobiles. There are many technologies which are using wireless communication.

Types of Technologies are:
• Wireless Communication
• Wireless Networking
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth Technology
• Zigbee Technology
• Wireless Router
• The current wireless phone includes 3G and 4G networks.

Wireless Communication
Wireless communication is one of the biggest contributions of technology. It involves communication between any number of units without connecting via wires or cables. The distance between two units can be few meters or thousands of kilometers. One of the biggest examples of wireless communication can be that a person staying in one country can initiate a video call with a person in another country. Types of wireless communication are:

Types of wireless communication are:
• Satellite communication
Satellite Communication is one of the wireless communication that is widely spread over the whole world and connects all users to anywhere on the earth. Satellite communication mainly has two segments: space segment and ground segment. Space segment is itself satellite and a ground segment is like the mobile transmission.
• Infrared Communication
Infrared radiations are used to communicate between devices in the infrared wireless communication. This type of communication is used where no obstruction is in between transmitter and receiver. It is used in short and medium range communications and majorly it is used for security purposes.
• Bluetooth Technology
For transferring any type of information like – any data, media, etc between two electrical devices which are not so far and are not connected using cables, use Bluetooth. Popular devices who contain this technology include laptops, mobile phones etc.
• Broadcast radio
Listening to the radio was very popular in the past decade. For any type of information like – news, weather forecasting, any special speech, people generally listened to radio. Information from any corner of the country was made available on the radio that required some frequencies. This radio is the first example of wireless communication.
• Wi-Fi
Wireless communication or Wi-Fi is one of the most popular type of wireless connection that is used by several people on several devices, like mobile phones, laptops etc. Wi-Fi is broadcasted out of routers and is commonly password protected.
• Mobile Communication

When a person makes a call to another person across the whole world, it is also a sort of wireless connection. They are using their cellular mobile phones, who are carrying mobile signals cast by their network companies, which support the wireless communication.

Advantages of Wireless Communication:
• Data transferring speed is much faster as compared to the wired communication.
• Helpful in remote areas, where it is not possible to lay wires.
Disadvantages of Wireless Communication:
• Wireless signals spread in the air which can be easily caught by the hackers. So, it should password protected.

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