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The House Owner Can Become The Tour Guide And Earn More Money

Touring with the local host is the real advantage in visiting the new places because they give an insight of the places that are worth visiting and they also give cultural points of interest and tips.
The San Francisco-based online rental marketplace offers the tourists to trip around places even without a friend or guide in the vacation place. The tourists can either go on a mountain biking or drink and dine with the native. This is a new extension service led by the rental platform in some of the cities, the project ‘live like a local’ is a small project that allows the locals to trip the tourists to the famous locations of the city and give them a lively experience of the natives of the locality.

Host a local experience
Apart from listing the property on the rental platform, the owners can earn more money by guiding the tourists about some of the popular places and vacation spots in the destination. They can show their favorite spots or even join with a friend host a small activity and earn extra money. There might be amazing places that are out of the guide book but are known only by the locals. The hosts can help the travelers learn more about the local museum and park that is often visited by the locals, it gives the travelers the opportunity to mingle with the locals.

Organizing a small picnic or a get together with the local friends will help the travelers to know about the lives of the locals and the culture of the locals of that place. Involving the travelers in unique activities like surfing or cooking or local games will help them to learn more about the destination and create enthralling memories about the place.

Be a host and a guide
The off the beaten track or the Paris like a Parisian was the first experience that was offered by the locals and is the most reviewed listings on the rental platform. It is ninety minutes stroll by the tenth, eleventh and nineteenth arrondissement. This program is hosted by Ludovic Yken and the cost of the experience is thirty-four dollars for a person. He presented his independent tour to the rental company and they approached him after many months. There are other hosts offering local experiences that are very expensive of up to two hundred dollars, but the local experience that is offered by Yken is the cheapest one offered in the market. In general, he tours one tour with five people and he earns one hundred and sixty-five dollars. This is the extra gig that he earns apart from his full-time job.

Alexandra Kenin, another host of the local experience established a tour earlier called the Urban Hiker SF, now hosts a local experience program called the urban hike through all natural SF. It is a three-hour tour that consists of two to fifteen in a group and the cost of each person is forty-nine dollars. She tours three times a week and the hourly rates range from thirty-three dollars to two hundred and forty-five dollars. Apart from being a host, she works as a marketing manager for a small agency.

The main reason for the hosts to opt Airbnb is because of the potential works that are offered in the rental platform and this has a mighty user base that gets millions of trips in a year. And the people under the rental platform wants to experience and lodge like the locals, so there is a wide range of opportunity for the hosts to conduct local experience program.

Local experience
Many travelers and tourists want to experience the uniqueness of the place with the help of the real people and do not want to trip with a large group. The travelers wish to have a local guide who knows more about the place and giving them the insight about the destination. The travelers expect their guide to be passionate and energetic about the local trip. The guides even customized the trips according to the traveler’s wish and they explain in detail about all the important facts about the tour. With the help of these kinds of local experience packages, the travelers can experience new things and they can also get advice on the favorite and popular dish of the place and the restaurants that offer good dining experience. They can also learn more about the local cuisine and the street foods that are famous in that destination.

Airbnb host – earn more penny
Either a business owner or a student, listing in the rental platform will help in earning some extra money for the living. There are about six hundred and forty thousand hosts with two million listings in the online rental marketplace. There three main ways to earn on the rental website and they are by becoming a superhero, following the law and going an extra mile.

The superior host – the Superhero
The rental platform offers a superhero badge for all the superior hosts on the platform. This badge differentiates the superior host from the others in terms of experience, bookings. To become a superior host, they must at least complete ten trips in a year and they must have at least ninety percent response rate. The commitment by the host and they must at least have eighty percent of reviews with five stars.

Following the law
Even though the person is fit to become a superior host, they are not going to be badged the host if they get sued or fined. The company has also faced a fair share of controversies because of the peer to peer sharing economy and the hospitality industry. The legal and regulations regarding the registrations, taxes, and permissions differ according to the city. The online marketplace has a helpful page that has some relevant and useful links pertaining to the particular city.

The extra mile
The guests who had a good experience in their trip will rate the host with 5 stars that the least satisfied guests. Having a low cancelation rate and having a proper status quo will increase the chances of getting more reviews and stars. It is not easy to drag the guests to go online and rate their experience; the host has to look after all the minor details that will make the guest go an extra mile to rate the host. Some of the minor details that the host must follow are by focusing on the guest for the first day of their stay, doing their own cleaning, posting few detailed pictures, helping the guests to feel like the locals, hiring professional photographers and helping them in feeling like the locals.
In the listing, having additional amenities makes a great difference when their guests are away from home, like the bottled waters, coffee and tea, books, magazines, condiments, DVDs and other things that a guest expect and supplying them. There is no harm in requesting the guest to rate the listing when all these factors are fulfilled by the customer, leaving a thanking note at the end of the stay and reminding the guest to rate with high stars will boost the listing and earn the superior badge for the host.

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