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How your environment is impacting your productivity levels

When Monday morning rolls around and your motivation levels might be feeling a little dipped, you search for a boost of energy anywhere you can get it. An extra spoon of granola on top of your yoghurt, a double shot in your coffee or even a quick trip to the gym to get the blood pumping before you hit the paperwork. These efforts are great but you’ll be fighting a losing battle if your working environment isn’t right.

You may blame a lack of sleep the night before or the stresses of daily life for hindering your concentration at work but did you know your environment has a monumental impact on your productivity? From the colour of the walls right down to the background noise you don’t even think you notice, you’re being influenced heavily by your surroundings.

With this in mind, here are 4 of the most important things to consider when nurturing the perfect working environment. Companies like Pall Mall Estates are on hand to help you find the ideal office or workspace but once you’re in there, there are a few things you can tailor to boost efficiency.

Take care with your colour scheme

Colours have a massive effect on cognitive behaviour and can influence mental well being and concentration levels drastically. When kitting your workspace out, go for neutral colours that inspire calm. Bright, vivid shades can prove extremely distracting but if you do want a splash of colour, opt for pale blues or greens which will encourage level headedness and concentration.

Is silence really that golden?

Background noise is a very personal thing –some people prefer to work somewhere you could hear a pin drop and become disgruntled at so much as the sound of the kettle boiling, while others like a lot of background hubbub. Whether you choose to create peace and quiet, or if you want to play some music or the radio to break the silence, just make sure everybody is happy. Compromise is key on this one.

Bringing the great outdoors indoors

According to recent studies, having plants in the office can boost productivity by at least 15%. So not only do those cane plants look great in the boardroom and not only does a Ficus here and there make any interior space look instantly more modern and stylish, they’re also beneficial for mental and professional wellbeing.

Make sure you’re snacking smart

Some companies like to provide their employees with complimentary snacks. If you’re one of these, make sure that the nibbles you’re providing are healthy and nutritious. If you like to bring your own, keep health, energy and brain power at the forefront of your mind too. Snacking on things like crisps, chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks throughout the day will prohibit brain function and provoke mood swings. Snacking smart and staying hydrated will boost moods and subsequently, go a long way to keeping relationships between colleagues harmonious.

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