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13 Solar Powered Gadgets You Need In Your Home ASAP

You’re a lover of gadgets but you don’t want to suck energy needlessly.

What do you do?

Why find solar powered gadgets, of course! What else?

Solar gadgets are not only environmentally friendly. Solar power gadgets are fun and wallet-friendly. Continue reading this article to learn about eight solar gadgets you don’t want to miss.

Solar Powered Gadgets You Can’t-Miss

Being able to depend on shore powerless and less is a powerful feeling. While generators are very helpful if you can have gadgets that don’t require generators – even better.

It’s not just the homesteaders that love solar power and renewable energy; everyone can appreciate a good device that runs off the sun. There are even whole sites like https://PoweredPortableSolar.com that are dedicated to learning about solar. Let’s get into the list now.

  1. Fan

On days when the electric company tells you it is time to do a rolling blackout, a solar-powered fan will come in handy. While it might not be as powerful as your air conditioner, it will help you beat the heat.

Big cities often deal with challenges where the electric provider isn’t able to serve their needs. Instead of roasting with everyone else, make sure you have a few fans that are powered by solar.

  1. Watch

Ah – the ever annoying watch battery. No one loves taking their watch in to change out the battery. Now that you have a solar powered watch, you don’t have to worry about going to get your batteries changed every few months.

  1. Lantern

Going camping? You’re going to need some light but you don’t always want to run the generator.

Let your lantern charge from the sun throughout the day and then enjoy the light during the night. Make sure you know how long your lantern will give light after charging so you aren’t left without light. Some lanterns hold more charge than others.

  1. Generator

Most of us know about propane and gas generators. If you plan on using these for long periods of time, it can cost quite a bit of money. Not only that but you’re going to find they cost quite a bit of money but if you’re far out and you run out of propane or gas – you’re in trouble.

  1. Pool Heating Ring

Want to keep your pool as warm as possible? Having a heated pool isn’t always an option, but you can make it an option with pool heating rings.

All you do is lay them on top of the water. The rings will heat the water as they lay on the surface.

Many people love to use these rings when the season is almost coming to an end, but they aren’t quite ready to close the pool.

  1. Tile

There are a lot of people that have thought about going for solar but opted out of it because they didn’t like the look. Now you can have attractive tile on your roof and get the benefits of solar.

Look for solar tile and get the charge your house needs or at least generate some of the energy that your home needs.

  1. Patio Table

Having a solar powered patio table will allow you to sit far out from the house and still be able to charge your phone or plug in a light. Being able to have a place to get electric to your devices when you’re relaxing on the patio is a true luxury.

  1. Phone Charger

When you go to the beach or some other outdoor area, you might not have a way to get the electric you need. A solar phone charger is a great way to get the boost your phone needs.

  1. Bricks

Create a cool walkway to your home with bricks that light up at night using renewable energy. These solar powered bricks are an easy way to add a cool look to your home. It also makes it a lot easier to walk your pathway to your home.

  1. Patio Umbrella

Need another way to charge your electronics when out on the patio? A patio umbrella with solar power can help you. If you have the patio umbrella and the patio table you’re going to be able to get double the benefit.

  1. Heated Outdoor Shower

You’ve just hopped out of the pool. While it was a relaxing swim, you’re ready to get the pool smell off of you.

You don’t want to get cold water out of the spigot or out of the hose. Behold the heated outdoor shower. It doesn’t get much better than being able to hop out of the pool and under a heated outdoor shower.

  1. Tent

Camping would be perfect except that you don’t have easy access to power. Oh wait – yes you do!

Say hello to the solar-powered tent. Now you can see in your tent without any problem. Depending on the size of tent you get the location of the tent will depend on how much energy you’ll be able to generate with your new tent toy.

  1. Boat

Let’s go for a big one. How about a solar-powered boat? Ok. So, it’s a toy boat but there are hours of fun to be had with this gadget.

Want to Go Even Greener?

If solar powered gadgets aren’t enough for you, there are plenty of other ways you can go green. Going green doesn’t only save you money on energy, but you can decrease your footprint on the Earth.

Learn more about going green and how technology is playing its role. Read our article about technology and going green now.

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