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7 Must-Have Motorcycle Upgrades for Maximum Performance

How often do you ride your motorcycle and which roads do you usually take?

Motorcycles are all about freedom. They get you on the open road to faraway places without having to deal with traffic. As such, they are boundless sources of fun, adventure, and relaxation.

So what’s holding you back from riding your motorcycle all the time?
Usually, it’s performance issues. You may have an older one that is missing certain modern upgrades that would make for a smoother ride for you and your passengers.

If you are feeling stuck and unable to enjoy your motorcycle to its fullest potential, keep reading. We will walk you through some motorcycle upgrades that you need on your ride.

1. Fresh Set of Performance Tires

Having a fresh set of performance tires is one of the must-have upgrades for maximum bike performance for a few reasons. The quality and durability of a new set of tires are higher than an aged set of tires. This means that it will last longer and be able to handle higher speeds and better cornering.

Performance tires provide better grip, braking power, and stability. This is important for optimal performance while riding and in dangerous situations.
They can also reduce wear and tear of the tires due to better traction and maneuverability, thus increasing the longevity of the tires. They are quieter and can improve the rider’s riding experience. 

Proper maintenance of these tires will ensure that they last for a long time so clean the tire’s surface to remove any dirt and debris. The tread of the tire should be inspected to make sure it is not too worn or damaged.

You should check the pressure of the tires and adjust it based on your riding needs. Rotate their tires to maximize use and keep them from wearing unevenly.

2. Upgrading Brakes

By upgrading the brakes, you can improve stopping power. This is important because it helps maintain control of the fast motorcycle. Brake fade, the loss of braking power that can occur at high speeds or on long downhills, can be reduced by upgrading the brakes.

Increasing the size of the rotor and calipers can increase the braking power and reduce the amount of time it takes to stop.  An upgraded brake system can help reduce repair costs over time.

3. Upgrade Air Filters

For a cyclist looking to maximize performance, upgrading the air filter should be a must-have. An after-market filter can cost a little but will provide a big return on investment. By trimming the airflow resistance, the engine will be able to pump more air and fuel, resulting in a superior torque.

Moreover, a premium air filter will offer superior air filtration that can help protect the engine from dirt, dust, and grime. Less dirt and dust means fewer maintenance costs in the long run. Upgrading the air filter can also provide a performance increase without putting a strain on an engine.

4. Switch to a Good Exhaust System

A high-performance exhaust system is an essential upgrade for maximizing performance on any type of motorcycle. This type of exhaust system improves the efficiency of the engine, allowing for greater power and an increase in fuel efficiency. The new system also includes improved sound quality, which is essential for many riders who want their bikes’ sound to stand out on the road.

Performance Exhaust Systems also helps reduce emissions, freeing up precious air quality in our atmosphere. They can be customized to provide a unique look, which adds to the aesthetics and value of the bike.

To maintain a performance exhaust system, regular cleaning is important. Start by removing the exhaust system and using an exhaust cleaner that can break down carbon deposits. After the exhaust is thoroughly cleaned, check all joints for leaks or damage by feeling around the seal for holes or gaps in the material.

Pay close attention to areas around the head pipes, as even the smallest gap can cause a decrease in horsepower. After inspection of the exhaust system, use sealant to repair any obvious leaks or damages. Check the spark arrestor and clean it to ensure proper flow.

Re-install the exhaust system and make sure to coat all welded joints with a corrosion inhibitor to protect against rust. Keep up with regular maintenance such as cleaning the bike, to ensure maximum performance for a long amount of time.

5. Add a Lightweight Battery

To maximize performance on your bike, consider adding a lightweight battery as a must-have upgrade. Lightweight batteries offer many benefits over conventional lead-acid batteries, including improved power delivery. It can reduce the mass of the bike’s wheelbase, allowing it to accelerate faster and improve handling.

It also provides better power storage, making it more reliable than a traditional battery. This allows riders to get the most out of their bike, regardless of the terrain and conditions. Lightweight batteries can also be charged faster so you can enjoy more time on the road and less time waiting for your bike to top up.

To maintain your battery, inspect the battery regularly to look for any signs of corrosion, cuts, dryness, or any other damage. If these are found, replace the battery immediately. Keep the terminals clean and dry and make sure they are properly connected.

If there is damage to the terminal, replace them and inspect for potential leakage. Store the battery in a cool, dry place and keep it away from moisture or direct sunlight when not used. Charge the battery regularly and never let it go below 50% capacity. 

6. Suspension Upgrades

Suspension upgrades help you accelerate faster and make better turns with more control. This also allows you to adjust your bike to better handle different types of terrain and surfaces, making it easier to ride in difficult terrain and maximize performance. This can help avoid motorcycle fatigue, making it easier to ride for longer periods. 

7. Installing an Aftermarket Camshaft

Installing an aftermarket camshaft greatly enhances the performance of any motorcycle. It can increase power and torque, also to better throttle response. This is due to the better intake and exhaust duration that an aftermarket camshaft offers, allowing for the great release of power during acceleration.

Motorcycle Upgrades to Enjoy a Better Ride

Investing in motorcycle upgrades can be an effective way to find a quicker, easier, and more comfortable ride, both on and off-road. Making immediate investments now could be beneficial for experienced and novice riders alike.

So explore your options, talk to a professional, and upgrade your ride today!

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