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How to Enhance Your Automotive Skills by Learning Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is an advanced and beneficial method for automotive dent repair.

If you’re searching for a stable and advantageous career in auto shop repairs, consider how PDR could be the ideal career boost for you.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

PDR is the process of removing minor dents, such as hail damage or door dings,  from metal panels on automobiles. PDR is successfully performed without compromising the paint surface of the automobile being repaired.

PDR is accomplished with a variety of tools through numerous methods depending on the size, placement, and severity of the dent. Typically, a PDR technician will access a dent from behind to push it into place or pull it out by using adhesives.

Method Advantages

PDR has proven to be an incredibly effective method for repairing small dents on the metal body of transportation vehicles. Evaluating the evident advantages of PDR assists in understanding the importance of the process and increasing the number of trained technicians.

PDR offers a myriad of advantages for repairing dents and damages including:

  • Minimal work involved
  • Quick and efficient process
  • Cheaper prices
  • No worries related to repainting or color matching
  • High-quality repairs

The benefits of PDR impressively demonstrates the need for alternative body repair methods for automobiles.

Tools Required

The tools needed for PDR varies based on the method of repair and location of the dent. For a technician to be fully prepared for every job, they must thoroughly research the required tools.

A PDR technician will need basic tools, such as a reflector board, a bar with screw tips, a hammer and knockdown, and a PDR hanger.

Additionally, they’ll require different tools to remove dents adhesively, including a glue gun, PDR glue, glue tabs, a dent lifter, and a glue removing agent.

There is a large variety of essential tools needed for PDR.

Average Prices 

PDR is a relatively inexpensive method for removing dents from automobiles. Prices vary depending on the severity and number of dents as well by the auto shop.

Generally, the average price for a basic dent is $125. Obviously, this number can drastically alter depending on the specific case.

While the pricing may vary, PDR is still substantially cheaper than other dent repair methods that require a new paint job.

How to Learn Paintless Dent Repair?

If you’re interested in enhancing your automotive skills, consider a future as a PDR technician. Learning an alternative method for dent repair will significantly increase your professional capabilities and advance the services your auto shop offers.

Becoming a PDR technician is a simple process. By earning important experiences and necessary training, you’ll quickly excel and benefit as a PDR technician.

Experience Needed

To start your career as a PDR technician, you must consider the experience required for the position. Experience needed varies greatly; however, PDR technicians generally are required to have experience as a technician, specifically with automotive body repair.

Even though the specific PDR requirements alter, it is beneficial to earn experiences and knowledge related to auto shops or repair.

Seek an entry-level position at an auto shop and increase your skills to start your future successfully.

Training Courses

Completing training courses is required for becoming a certified PDR technician. PDR training will teach you valuable knowledge about the best methods and tools for every job.

Research a variety of PDR training programs to discover the perfect match for you. Become a PDR pro quickly by gaining the necessary training that’ll put you ahead.

Benefits of Learning

Learning PDR is extremely beneficial for an auto shop technician’s career.

The benefits of training as a PDR technician include job security, diversifying your skill set, increasing your income, a valuable career, mobility, freedom, and an easy learning process.

Become a dent removal specialist to boost your career and achieve your goals.

If you’re seeking an opportunity to advance your career as an auto shop technician, consider completing training in PDR. Learning PDR will help enhance your abilities and make you a valuable asset.

Ensure your future is a success by becoming a PDR technician.

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