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Reliance Jio- Jio Apni Zindagi

Quite recently the news has been flooded and the internet as well as the people have been going crazy about an offer!!!! Yes. You got it right. It has been the lots and lots of 4G Internet data with the unimaginable speed of 135 Mbps and the unlimited free voice calls and video calls. Reliance Jio has created a blaze across the country and it has been really an unbelievable experience. Jio is a power pack of 4G LTE service and has tariff plans which are far lesser than cheap. With its unlimited 4G at night offer and free voice calls, it has seriously turned the table upside down for the contemporary rivals. The tariff plans are cheapest among those available all over the world.

Reliance Jio Sims are available as Small, Medium, large and up to XXXL formats with each size associating an enormous bundle of offers and joy with it. The S sim is of 149 rupees and provides with free voice calls and 0.3 GB of 4G data. The medium one is of Rs.499 and Rs.999 and these both have unlimited 4G at night plans with all the basic offers. The fantastic aspect which now includes is the JioNet hotspot facility. This allows you to connect to such Wi-Fi once you have downloaded and installed the JioNet app through the Myjio app which is available both for IOS and AL Android. For the sim cards of medium size and up to XXXL, you also get amazing content services like video on demand and music streaming. The Wi-Fi usage is restricted to the amount listed on your plan which is minimum 8 GB for M and beyond that you will be charged as just Rs.50 per GB. With the purchase of every sim, you also get Jio apps subscriptions of worth Rs.1, 250 which enables you to access subscriptions like on JioXpressNews, JioChat, JioMoney and numerous such others. The subscription is rolled out for free up to December 31, 2016 only. At present, these are available in Maharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Kerala and in almost 70% states of India.



Coming to technical part, it supports 4G VoLTE , Voice over Long Term Evolution, which is a very technical procedure for high- speed data for mobile devices viz. phones, tablets etc. It is basically a digital packet voice service delivered over IP through an LTE network. To be more technical and precise, it treats voice as an app that is mounted and run on a data network. This technology aims at providing the folk with faster and much better voice call and video chat experiences associated with the cell phone number and service. The magical disappearance of the voice billings is also gift by the VoLTE.

The incredible and thrilling Jio services have been hosted and launched by Reliance Jio Infocomm which has been named so after the acquisition of Infotel Broadband Services in January 2013. The company launched the services initially for the partners, Jio staffs and their families and it was carried forward by the celebrities like actor Shah Rukh Khan, who is also the brand ambassador, Ranbir Kapoor and many others. The firm has rolled over the telecom market and intends to rule it by chaining itself with as many potential customers it can. The shares of all incumbent telecom firms have slid since the time Mr Mukesh Ambani finished his speech followed by the public launch of the sim. In particular, Idea has lost 2500 crore and Airtel 9900 crores of Market Cap.

Jio offers are not confined to the launch of sim cards only. The company has also launched services like Jionet WiFi and Jio apps, adding new dimension to the HD experiences . A series of Jio apps have been launched which include the basic MyJio app, JioTV, a live TV channel; JioCinema, an online video library in HD; JioMoney , an online wallet, JioMusic, which provides you with the online streaming music ;JioJoin , a VoLTE phone simulator; JioMags, which is and e-reader for magazines and JioSecurity. All these apps are definitely going to make your life a much comfort. Reliance Jio Infocomm, with the collaboration with Intex has also served the market with LYF smartphones. These phones support the VoLTE feature and Water 1 was the first handset of this series launched back in January 2016. Till date, it has become second largest LTE phone supplier in the country after Samsung. One more fantastic service is Reliance Jio 4G broadband, which is has been unveiled quite recently and the connection speed is going to be of terrific 1Gbps. The company aims to achieve this with the network of 250,000 km of optic cables across the country and will be partnering with local cable operators for wider range of connectivity. The services will initially be limited to few cities and will be expanded as time proceeds.

With all the gleams and glazes, Reliance Jio also has some disadvantages associated with it. There is no such plan available as Rs.50 for 1 GB, rather you are charged 1 MB per paisa. Also, the voice calls are only free of you recharge the phone with a tariff plan. The night data plan also has a catch within, that is, it is from 2 AM to 5 AM which may not be beneficial for everyone out. You need to have a phone which supports 4G and LTE feature as well to avail the services provided. There is also guarantee that you get the assured speed because the results are based on a network which had less number of users and you can’t be sure when the number grows that enormously. So, the VoWifi and VoLTE are still negotiable aspects.

In a nutshell, with some drawbacks also attached on its part, Reliance Jio Infocomm has really provided us with an incredible offer to be experienced and worth adopting. So, go out and grab one!!

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