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Ready for the Heat: Women’s Fashion Trends to Try in Summer 2023

Whether or not you love camo, it will be around for a while. Summer is one of the best seasons to experiment with your style, including with multicolored camo. It is a time to show off more skin, showcase vibrant hues, and stay comfortable in the hot weather. 

With so many trends coming to light in the 2023 summer season, let’s talk about some of them and how you can fit camo pants for women into the mix. 

Sheer Appeal

You might not have noticed much sheer clothing during the cold months, even though it has been trending for a while. However, clothing brand Sanctuary reports it will likely change as the warmer temperatures approach in summer 2023. 

If you are not all about entirely sheer tops, consider a combination of sheer and solid. For example, wear a black bra with a black sheer top and camo pants for women. Choose sheer pieces that allow you to sport the trend most comfortably. The more confident you feel in the sheer top, the more that energy will shine through in your outfit.

Shiny Elements

As reported by Sanctuary, pairing something shiny with your camo pants for women can be a great way to add a contrasting element. For example, consider a silver tank top or a shiny black bra top if you want to wear a metallic top. 

You may be more comfortable sporting shiny jewelry rather than a satiny shirt. In that case, consider subtle pieces, like a gold necklace or dangling gold earrings. Metallic can sometimes feel intimidating, so do not hesitate to start small and build up to larger, more daring pieces if you desire.

Perfect Pockets

There are a lot of trends many will not agree on, but pockets are not one of them. Yet, it is hard not to love them. They let you have the freedom to go out with or without a handbag or backpack yet still have space for the small essentials you need, like your keys. So, opt for camo pants with pockets to wear the pattern you love and have on-person storage options. 

One thing to remember is that what you are putting in your pockets can alter the look of the camo pants. For example, let’s say you are wearing camo leggings with pockets. The outline of your phone is going to prominently show through the pocket as opposed to if you put your phone in roomier camo pants. 

Pair Basics With Camo Pants for Women

There is nothing wrong with pairing basics with camo pants for women. For example, a black crop top tee with midriff ties can be a fabulous option as it is simple yet has some flair. Basics are a good starting point if you are beginning to wear the camo pattern and are still determining what items best complement it. 

Love of Lingerie

Sporting lingerie with camo pants for women is another way to add some contrasting style. It can also allow you to incorporate several other trends of summer 2023. 

For example, you can wear a lace-trimmed shiny black camisole, which combines two trending elements: lace and shine. Likewise, a white corset lingerie top incorporates trending romance aspects. There are many different lingerie options, so consider which you would feel comfortable wearing as outerwear and pairing it with your camo pants. 

Dreaming of Denim

There are several styles of denim tops you could wear with camo pants for women, but the button-up top is ideal for chilly summer evenings. Wear it as is, or leave it open and put a tank top underneath. Another option is wearing a denim jacket, a versatile piece that can easily transition between each season.

Vintage Appeal

If you need help figuring out what footwear to sport with your camo pants for women, consider retro-inspired or genuine vintage sneakers. LA-based brand Sanctuary said there are many places online and in-person where you can find either option, making it easy to locate the perfect pair. 

With authentic vintage, only automatically count them out if they do not look brand new. Instead, evaluate first if you can salvage the vintage apparel. Online tips and tutorials could help you restore them with a little effort. 

Wonderful Wedges

According to Sanctuary, wedges are another trending (and comfortable!) footwear option for summer 2023. This shoewear provides great outfit possibilities, whether going to dinner at night or running errands during the day. 

Opt for ones you can wear with many summer ensembles. Investing in a great pair you love will allow you to get your money’s worth. 

You could wear several fits of camo pants for women for summer 2023. Consider trying out different ones to see which you like best and will likely wear most often. 

Once you have one or two favorite pairs you adore, you can start planning outfits from what you already have in your summer wardrobe and decide what you will need and want to buy to complete the looks. Browse the Sanctuary website for more trending outfit inspiration.

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