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Seven best smart Christmas trees in 2022

Christmas traditions differ from one another, but one thing connects us all: the Christmas tree. Year after year, millions of people worldwide compete for the best imitation pine and then decorate it with shimmering lights to usher in the much-anticipated yearly holiday.

However, while a regular Christmas tree will suffice, you are not required to use one. Christmas trees have evolved with various decorations, and you may make yours stand out with components such as Arduino. To get you started, here are seven amazing top Christmas trees to add some zing to the festivities. Also check out this website for another interesting article.

Prelit 7.5-foot Fir Christmas Tree

Twinkly has been creating smart lights for a long time, and now they’re extending its technology to Christmas trees. Once connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you can use Google Assistant or Alexa to control the Twinkly tree hands-free. You can have other Twinkly lights in your home animate with your tree. This is a fun alternative for parents who want to go all out on Christmas decorations. The lights look fantastic, with many motions and colors to play with.

The Christmas Tree that Sings

Every year, residents from various areas compete to see who has the most fabulous Christmas tree. If this is the tradition on your street, create this singing Christmas tree, and you’ll beat everyone to it and leave them speechless.

The singing tree’s mouth opens and shuts when it sings, and its googly eyes move. And while it appears to be sophisticated, it is pretty simple to construct. In actuality, simple materials like cardboard and pipe cleaners will be used for the project.

The prelit Goflame Christmas tree

The dense, lifelike branches of the Goflame prelit Christmas tree are strung with 670 LEDs. There are 15 color settings available out of the box and schedule, so it may turn on automatically in the evening. A heavy-duty metal frame holds everything upright during the holidays, and when it’s all done, it can be disassembled into three pieces. Depending on the size of your home, a 6-foot version is also available.

Classic Blue Spruce (6.5′, Clear LED) by Balsam Hill

The Balsam Hill Premium Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree is a lovely traditional-style artificial tree. We tested the 6.5-foot size, although it is available in various sizes ranging from 4.5 to 9 feet. It has 700 energy-efficient candle-tipped clear LED lights that emit a warm and inviting Christmas glow.

The power chord is also quite long, so you won’t have to search for extension cords. The PVC-made tree has a convincing appearance and feel, but we had to spend a significant amount of time fluffing it to recreate the fullness of a real Christmas tree.

Costway App-Controlled Prelit Eight-Foot Christmas Tree

Costway’s eight-foot-tall tree provides stunning size without breaking the bank. Its PVC and PE tips have 670 pre-strung LEDs that will continue to burn even if others flicker and perish.

Scanning the QR code on the adaptor will allow you to download the app that controls the tree. You can then dim the lights, switch colors and glittering speeds, select a preset mode, or create your own.

Artificial Prelit Full Christmas Tree

Are you a white or rainbow-colored family? This is the artificial Christmas tree for you if you love the color.

The hinged construction of the National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Full Christmas Tree allows for quick assembly. When plugged in, the 7.5-foot version contains 750 multicolored lights that sparkle spectacularly. “It was really easy to assemble and lovely,” says one reviewer.

Dunhill Fir Pre-Lit Dual Color LED, 7.5′ National Tree Company

Given that it’s made entirely of PVC, this tree ranks high on the realism scale, especially when adorned and its 700 LED lights are turned on. It also looks wonderful when not illuminated because the green is genuine, and the “brown twigs” are apparent.

If you’re into lighting, the light system allows you to choose from warm white to multi-color with ten different functions, albeit you must push the button each time to cycle through the possibilities.

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