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MangaStream – Best Alternatives to read Manga Online

Does Mangastream die?

Do you Mangastream? If you do not know about this, then let us tell you that it is a platform that is famous for comics and the comics from Manga are the heartbeat of the comic lovers.

As we all know with the advancement of the internet, everything is available online whether these are films, shows, and even comics as well. With the shutdown of the manga stream, we have explored other options that fit better for comic lovers and offer them high-quality comics to read.

Here, we have enlisted the list of alternatives that can replace Mangastream and become the best option to read comics digitally.

MangaStream: Top-rated alternatives


In this era of reading and streaming, the download of the content losing its importance day by day. On the flip side, MangaFreak is the only platform that allows its users to not just read the manga but also download the content online. Later on, read it with a stable internet connection.

But it is not at all disappointing for this website as it has a lot of high-quality manga scans available under various categories.

It has a decent look and there is no stuffed content on one page. However, there is room for improving the interface of this website.

2. MangaDex

This one not only provides mangas in bulk but also has different versions of each manga available. A variety of versions includes the colored-one, official crossover series of manga, and alternative fan-fiction. On top of it, it supports more then 20+ languages such as German, Italian, English, and so on.

It is a perfect option for manga fans and you can also make different groups or can follow the already established groups. You can discuss all the stuff in the community section of the website as it is open for all people. The user interface is better, neither fantastic nor below average. It does not give a modern look.

3. MangaOwl

With its ever-increasing popularity among the manga lovers due to the WSJ releasing services, it has become one of the best alternatives to the Mangastream. The user interface of this website is very convenient with a color combination of the white and orange theme.

The database of the manga is well-managed as well as organized that no one will tackle any issues relating to finding and reading the available mangas. 52 different options are available on the website with various dedicated genres ranging from Motion to Yuri.

4. MangaPark

One of the emerging and talked manga sites is MangaPark that is available over the web. It has a mammoth of fan base due to the high-quality content and frequent updates. These two key things should be appreciated and this is a well-maintained park for manga lovers.

The website is crystal clear and effortless to access some options like up to ten pictures in each chapter. It is too convenient for the readers as there is no need to load every single page again and again.

5. MangaHere

With a bulk collection of around 10k+ mangas, you can meet the hunger of your manga reading from this alternative. The website continuously changes its URL from time to time as the popularity of this website makes has made a few DMCA cases against it.

The scanned collection of this site mainly consists of Japanese Mangas but also has a huge range of Korean Manga, European Manga, Chinese Manga, and so on. The appearance as well as navigation of the website is not so exquisite.

Every collection of manga has fallen under various categories and genres. On top of it, it has a news section as well as a devoted Manga Spoiler. Thus, it provides all related updates to the manga lovers through the latest and upcoming manga news.

6. MangaFox

The MangaFox is another alternative that can easily fulfill all your reading interests of Manga and is the best alternative to Manga Stream. The original one has the URL

The original version of mangafox has a color theme that comprises of black, white, and orange. Alternatively, you can use the app of this website on an Android device and enjoy watching mangas anytime and anywhere.

7. Manganelo

The database of this website is too extensive as most of the manga search engines use Manganelo. It has an extensive range of manga collections available n various categories such as the Latest Manga section, hot Mange section, as well as Newest Manga Section. More than 40+ genres are available on the site having a top-notch quality of manga scans.

 Bottom Line

After the closing of Mangastream, we have explored other options available for manga lovers on the internet. go for the best alternative and get the best out of them that suits best with your taste and interest.

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