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Features of MAGCH Android Tablet

Tablets are excellent leisure instruments. With a larger monitor and battery, they are an excellent media consumption device, covering the gap between a small-screen phone and larger, bulkier computers. Today’s topic is Magch Tablet. This tablet has an inch display that is powered by Android. It features a multitouch display with 7-inch screen, 1GB RAM and 8GB flash storage. 

There are no pre-installed games or applications. The magch Tablet only comes with the Google Play Store and the android apps that can be installed easily on the tablet. The Magch Tablet is running on Android 11 OS and it is not compatible with many other operating systems. But it is compatible with all Android apps which are already market apps in Google Play Store as well as other market stores.

What is a Magch Tablet?

Magch Tablet is a second generation tablet whose design and structure are similar to the iPad from Apple Inc. That is, it has an aluminium casing that looks very similar to that of the iPad. The Magch Tablet also has a 6-inch display as well as two cameras along with a high battery capacity and 16GB storage capacity.  The Magch Tablet has 8GB flash storage and 1GB RAM memory. It also runs on Android 11 OS, which is the latest version of Android OS and it is not compatible with other operating systems such as Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Features of Magch Tablet:

1. Latest android version: Android 11 OS

2. 6-inch screen size

3. 8GB flash storage with 1GB RAM memory: A lot of memory and processing power make this tablet best for gaming and watching high-quality videos.

4. 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera: It has two cameras which allow you to capture a number of angles in different light conditions, which is important for photography and videography. 

5. 16GB storage capacity: It has enough space for installing all your favourite games, apps or videos on your Magch Tablet. 

6. Multi-touch display: It’s a tablet you can easily use with just one hand.

7. 4200mAh battery capacity, which gives you more than 6 hours video playing time, a best choice for travelling or outdoor activities.

8. Aluminium casing, which makes it look similar to iPads

9. Magch Tablet is not compatible with many operating systems like MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems, but it is compatible with Android apps and other market stores apps like Google Play Store or other market stores’ applications which are in the tablet when shipped out by the factory or warehouse company of Magch Tablet.

10. Affordable price of only $130 on official website with free shipping to your destination country.

Final Verdict:

It is a good tablet for travelers and also for people who are travelling regularly because it has a good battery and can be used for more than 6 hours in playing video or music. In addition, the Magch Tablet has a multi-touch screen, easy to use with just one hand, making it the best tablet for watching videos when travelling or going on outings.

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