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How to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone Secretly

This is an issue that all men would like to solve. If you know that your girlfriend has nothing to hide, then it may not be necessary. However, the question of uncertainty always arises, and then it keeps pushing. 

Where is she? Who is she talking to? Why doesn’t she leave her phone every time she is going? Since they are only in your mind, you need a way to solve them. One of the practical means involves having a spy app on your girlfriend’s phone. 

Because you will be spying, it means she doesn’t need to know about it. Where will you be getting the results? Somewhere far away from the victim’s phone. Let’s see how it’s done secretly. 

Part 1: Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone with Neatspy Solution 

Technology has provided easy ways to solve things. Knowing how to spy on your girlfriend’s phone is cool, but it doesn’t have to be hard to contemplate. Neatspy is one of the apps that have proved that spying on phones can take less than five minutes. 

The question is, where do you start? You can begin by learning about the basics then proceed to how to use it. In the course of grasping, you will also realize the power of this little app. We call it little since it’s indeed small and your girlfriend will never see it. 

Neatspy is now a globally known application that you can use on both Android or iOS. It has helped many, and you can also join the crowd in celebrating success. If your girlfriend is using either of the phones, then keep reading. 

Now, this solution possesses some qualities that are vital to spying on her phone. First, you don’t need rooting or jailbreaking of any kind. Neatspy has cutting-edge technologies that allow it to fetch information without altering the phone silently. 

Second, it hides in your girlfriend’s phone using something we call the stealth mode. So, apart from keeping the phone the same, it also doesn’t tell, “I’m here!” It will be a silent operation all through until you are done. 

There is more info about Neatspy on the main website on how the stealth mode works. Visit the site to read about it and also view the demo page. The setup process depends on what your girlfriend is using. In Android, there is a need for a one-time installation. 

In iOS, that is not necessary since Neatspy uses the iCloud credentials to retrieve the information. Once the setup is done, here is what you will be viewing remotely:

Part 2: Neatspy Spying Features 


Neatspy will get every message on your girl’s phone, which goes for both sent and received ones. It will also show you the contacts of the participants and the timestamps too. If there are any attached files, the solution will not skip them. 

Calls and Contacts 

Who is she calling, and who called? All those details will be under these features. In the calls section, you get the call information and the contacts and timestamps. In contacts, you get everything saved on the phone. 

Location and Geofencing 

This is the part that tells you where she is and where else she went to. The location specification will tell you the exact location using the GPS or connected Wi-Fi. You also get to see where else the phone has been to. 

At times, your girlfriend may be going to unwanted places. You can identify those places using the Geofencing option. When she crosses the line, the setup email will notify you. 

Keylogger Reports  

This feature tells you what your girlfriend is typing on the phone. The keystrokes are recorded in log files arranged according to applications. Therefore, if you may want to retrieve passwords, it will be easy to locate them. 

Neatspy has more than 30 features. That means we cannot discuss them all here. Once you acquire Neatspy, they will all be on the dashboard in your account. It’s user-friendly, and it also works with all browsers. 

That permits you to log in anywhere as long as you have a device with an internet connection. As you spy on your girlfriend, the information is never stored in the app’s cloud. What Neatspy does is to sync the information when you access your account. 

Therefore, even the support team cannot retrieve what you are seeing. 

Part 3: How to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone Using Neatspy 

What You Need 

  1. Neatspy works with Android 4.0 and above. Get her phone to install the app. 
  2. For Apple devices, it works with iOS 7.0 or later. Use the phone’s iCloud login details. 
  3. Internet connection 
  4. Email address 

Steps to Start Spying 

Step 1: Visit the Neatspy website and register an account. Next, choose the Android or Apple icon and proceed to purchase the best spying plan. After the transaction, you will get an email. 

Step 2: The email will have all the confirmation details and the instructions to proceed. 

Step 3: In Android, use the emailed link to install Neatspy once on your girlfriend’s phone. To ensure she doesn’t see it, activate the stealth mode as you finish the installation. 

Step 4: For iOS, log into your account after the email and input your girlfriend’s iCloud credentials. After that, choose the phone she is using and wait for the syncing to complete. 

Step 5: When you re-access your account, there will be a control panel with all the features and the phone’s summary. 

Use the links in the left menu to see what your girlfriend is doing. 

NB: When it’s time to uninstall the application, you can do it via the web portal. Your girlfriend needs not to know about it. Use the one-time uninstallation button to get rid of it remotely. 


Applications like Neatspy use the latest technology to make sure that you receive real-time updates. While your girlfriend stays in the dark, you will be receiving all the information in your account. 

If you find something worth talking about, we suggest that you solve it amicably. Such apps are used informally, and you may not involve the law in solving an escalated dispute. On the other hand, if you want your intentions to remain private, Neatspy will do that. 

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