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Ransomware wannacry: Beware of Ransomware Virus

In May 2017 a news shake the cyber world that is Ransomware. WannaCry is known as ransomware which is a malicious software (virusmalware) that has been spreading rapidly around the world. Ransomwarewannacry designed to block your computer until you paid a lump sum amount to ransom.

Ransom wannacry is a virus (a worm) which spreads by exploiting vulnerabilities in the operating system Windows. Kindly avoid clicking on the links, suspicious emails, opening an attachments from the people you do not know. If you click on such emails and installed any unknown software then it will encrypts your files and demands you to pay some amount to get back your files.

Wannacry locks up your files on your computer and encrypts them like the user can’t access their files unless they paid an amount of 300$ bitcoins to Ransom. So, please be sure to have installed an anti-virus in your laptop (or) in your computer. And also make sure that your computer receives windows security patches regularly. So body will stops windows update notifications so, please don’t do that. And must and should maintain a backup of your important data like store your files in hard disk or in a pendrive. So, that you can survive upto some even if you are hacked by the ransomware.

Ransomware Attacks

Aa system is infected by ransom wannacry then you will get a pop-up window with instructions and asks you to pay a ransom amount to get an access. It gets into your computer either by clicking or downloading some malicious files. After downloading you get a file with a  filename WCRY at the end of the file name. After it installed ransomware searches for and encrypts different types of files and appends. And attacks on your computer and blocks your system to access. Ransom will give you access when you will pay $300 in bitcoins and also the amount will be doubled three days later. This virus can easily enters into the computers that do not have the latest windows security updates. If you stop windows updates means you will easily at risk of infection. So, beware of Ransomwarwannacry. It easily spread itself within the corporate networks without any user interaction, by exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows.

How Ransomware Works

At step 1: Ransomware starts with an unsolicited emails, Wannacry typically designed to trap the victim into clicking on an attachment.

At step 2: The Ransomware leverages flaws in the computer’s operating system to force it to run ransomware code.

At step 3: The Ransomware encrypts important files on the system and demands a ransom payment via digital currency that is in you need pay in bitcoins of 300$.

At Step 4: It replicates itself and spread around the computer network.

Finally many people are failed to update their computers so please wakeup and update your computers and take a backup of your files. And Wannacry malware affects only on Windows operating system and this attack is not for Mac users.

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