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How to quickly get the first 1000 subscribers on TikTok?

The fast-growing youth social network is rapidly developing and gaining the attention of more active users. Despite the fact that TikTok exists not so long ago (compared to other resources), the platform managed to take a leading position in the ranking of the most visited sites. Millions of viewers, a lot of functions and algorithms that work on the basis of artificial intelligence – all this attracts influencers, entrepreneurs and major brands.

Online you can  find rumors that TikTok is designed for teenagers and children, but this is not the case. Currently, the site is aimed at an adult audience, and you will not find teenage dances in the “recommendations” if you are not interested in it. Your feed is formed based on your actions.

Many of us, seeing the success of popular authors, also wanted to achieve success. But now it is much more difficult to do this than a few years ago.

In this article we will tell you how to quickly attract an audience to an account and how newcomers buy tiktok followers.

Design of the appearance of the page.

 You probably know how important it is to interest a potential subscriber from the first seconds. If you failed to do this, you can assume that you have lost the viewer. In order to stand out from the crowd and show your individuality, you need to choose a short recognizable nickname, set a bright portrait or logo as an avatar, and write a couple of sentences in the “about yourself” section. 

The name of the profile is your face, you need to come up with the most accurate name so that users immediately understand what your content is about. It is better to choose an avatar so that the follower remembers it for a long time. 

Some people have a good memory for pictures, but they do not remember words or sentences well.

 It is not necessary to write a canvas of text in the description, it is quite brief, but clear and interesting to present the information. Answer the questions that a potential subscriber may have: “What is your page  about? Who are you? Where do you live? What is your uniqueness?”. This way you will give the most important information, and if the user is interested in you, he will subscribe without hesitation.

The first videos are the most important content on any new account.

The platform helps beginners in promotion with the help of algorithms. If you already had a profile, but it did not become a successful experiment, then your clips were not interesting for the audience. The first videos should be as catchy as possible. This is due to the fact that the algorithms show the video to a narrow circle of people, and if they showed activity, put likes, left a comment or sent it to a friend, this clip will be able to get into the recommendations section for a large circle of users.

Promotion methods on TikTok

Hashtags. TikTok users often search for interesting content authors using keywords. For this reason, you may have noticed that almost every video is accompanied by 2-4 tags under the video. Makers describe their video as accurately as possible with a few words so that their clips are seen by the target audience. But do not use more than 4 hashtags, they will interfere with viewing, and promotion will not help much.

Challenges. TikTok is famous for such activities. With the help of them, you can generate content that has already been invented by users, it is enough to add your own “zest” and successfully repeat the plot. The challenges are located in the “interesting” section, users often go there to find new interesting authors and see trends.

Reactions are a great way to get new viewers. You may have noticed that there are makers who basically shoot only reactions. They search for funny videos by other authors and comment on them. Surprisingly, such content is interesting to users and gains a large number of likes, comments and reposts.

Advertising from popular bloggers. Are you ready to spend money on promotion? Then you can contact the author and agree on a paid cooperation. It is difficult to predict what price the influencer will name, because everything depends on the number of the audience. We do not recommend spending the entire budget on advertising from one blogger, it is better to use several ways of promotion to get subs  faster. For example, you can buy tiktok followers cheap and advertising from a blogger. This way you will not only get subscribers from the blogger, but also make the account more solid. This will increase the level of trust and loyalty to your profile.

We recommend combining different promotion methods in order to gain the first 1000 subs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Upload high-quality videos, follow trends, and most importantly be yourself. Good luck!

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