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4 Features to Include into Your Travel Logo Design

You’d hear everyone preaching about selecting the right color scheme, ideal font selection and several other basic components of a logo design.

But when it comes to travel and tourism, you need to do more than just applying these basic potions that give your travel logo design the likable features.

So, how’d you achieve such beautifying features in your travel logos that make your brand stand out?

Yes, you may be familiar with the basic elements to form a great logo design but there’s more that you must know. Let’s discuss some cool, creative ways to up your travel logo design and branding score. Here are a few features that you may add into your logo design and make it a wow element in your branding plan.


Have you thought about adding a tagline beneath your awesome travel logo design?

You might be thinking that there’s no need to add a tagline, right?

And this is your first branding mistake that may lead your brands towards failure when you neglect a chance to market your travel company correctly via a tagline.

See, you’re just starting out as a travel company and people are yet to discover your awesome services. So, you must give them something to understand what exactly it is that you’re offering. Your logo design may be able to attract them for a second but it is your logo’s tagline that would tell them what kind of travel company you are.

From international tourism agencies to domestic travel companies, there is a huge variety of organizations and you can differentiate yourself with a tagline.


Have you ever noticed how some logos have brackets or lines as if they’re contained in a box? Just like Cox & Kings use two ornamental lines above and below their brand name, take that as an example.

This is called framing!

In order to add a unique feature in your travel logo design, you may also consider adding framing in your brand’s logo.

Why? Because it will help your consumers focus on the main message of your brand logo. You don’t need to put it in a box as there are various shapes that you can use as framing for your logo design. Try circle, oval, or anything that shifts the focus onto your travel logo design’s main message and see the difference between your logo and other non-framed logos.


You might think that the majority of logos come with a transparent background but you can always take some creative risks when it comes to creating a buzz about your brand. You can add an interesting background to your travel logo design for giving it that special treatment which can prove a turning point for your branding plan.

This could be a contrasting color, a relevant image or maybe a caricature to describe your brand’s personality. Plus, adding a background to your logo can help you distance your brand from other simple and non-appealing travel agencies, too.

Negative Space

If you don’t want to risk your travel logo design with framing, tagline or background, make use of the negative space for including a special message or character.

If you have some design knowledge, you would’ve known what a negative or white space is. And you won’t be the first brand to experiment with your branding with the negative space in the logo as there are other famous ones who did it in the past. In order to understand the full context of negative space in your logo design, look at Baskin Robbins or FedEx who point at one of their product lines and business values.

You can make use of the negative space and include something special about your travel agency right in the logo and make people talk about it.

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