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How to Estimate the Cost of Custom Software Development?

If you are in the market for bespoke software solutions, then today is the best time to invest in custom software ventures. Softwares and apps provide numerous advantages like better interaction and direct selling of products and services.

There are several things that the cost of the app develops on, and most of the custom software development companies in the UK will consider these things while giving you a quote.

  •  Platforms

The cost of your app will depend on the platforms you want your app to be on. If you wish to make it available only on one platform then, of course, the cost will be considerably lower. But if you want to expand your market reach, then it is better to have it available on all major platforms at least.

It is recommended to ask your marketing department to look into what kind of devices your business is being viewed on and selecting the platform which has a strong customer base. Why should one spend money on developing an app for the customer base that is almost non-existent in the first place?

One should also pay heed to the fact that iOS apps take less time to develop. However, being more comfortable to create does not mean it has a large number of users. Unlike Apple’s iOS, it is the Android platform that dominated the market. Android apps are tougher to develop and can drive up the cost of your whole operation significantly.

  •  Features

The final cost of your app will depend on the number of features it has or the number of pages it contains. To manage this cost, you need to make a list of things that are a top priority. After this, you must decide on the secondary function, and this list must be cut down to minimum numbers to be efficient.

Your priorities can change while the app develops, so make sure you have some room for financially backing your changes. Most of the developers are open to changes and will tell you if the said change would be too cumbersome.

One must focus on building a Minimal Viable Product at the start to make sure that their customer base wants those things in the app. Working on user suggestions makes the app a hit and people will appreciate you for being consumer-centric.

  • Timeline

It is a crucial factor that is often overlooked in the industry. If you are on a deadline, be sure to have deep pockets. It is far more efficient to plan your project so that it remains in budget and on the timeline. Most of the app developer’s processes cannot be rushed, so one must keep their expectations realistic.

Any change in the deadline means more money being put into development. If you wish to expedite the process, your app will cost you more because of the added team members and the long hours required.

  •  Waterfall vs Agile

Waterfall and Agile are two different approaches to two very different results. It depends on the company which method is being used. Nevertheless, Agile has seen a rise in the world of bespoke software solutions.

The waterfall is a traditional plan of action where the project is fully mapped out from the inception to its very end before any work is done on it. What this does is give an estimated price that won’t waiver wildly and also a time frame in which the project will complete. The downfall is that editing or altering anything after it is completed is very tough.

Agile is a much more modern way of approaching and running a project. The whole process is broken into small chunks completed in phases of 1-2 weeks. The idea behind this approach is building a product from the ground and testing its functionality at every given point. Sprint demos make sure that the product’s functionality is documented at every stage, which makes it easier to troubleshoot too.

  • Updates and Maintenance

Once your app develops, it is essential to set aside some cash for the maintenance and up-gradation of your app from time to time. It can be anywhere from 10-40% of the total cost of the app. That makes it crucial for any company that has an app to its name.

An essential app with a turnover time of 3-4 months will cost you anything from 15-20,000 pounds but if you want Amazon or Instagram level of flexibility be ready to invest 2-3 years and hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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