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How to Choose the Best Air Compressors in 2020

Yes, that blank expression you have on your face is completely valid. I also had no clue as to what it was, what it meant or if I even needed or wanted one. So, the research began and I was pleasantly surprised. Who knew they went into so much detail?

Firstly, what is an Air Compressor?

Well, of course, you can read the brain version of what it is here And the simpler, easier to understand for us mere mortals’ version, I will try to explain.

It’s like blowing up a balloon. We inflate it to its maximum, or what we think is its full potential. But then the husband comes along and takes charge and shows us that we can squeeze ‘even more’ air into this latex circle.

This balloon is now pumped up to his ultimate limits and can no more. You know when it is starting to lose its color and become transparent in some areas, that’s the sign to stop. At this point, the Air compressors automatically shut off and the air that it’s been stuffing in is held there till it’s used.

With a balloon, the husband is essentially the air compressor. Unfortunately, due to more brawn than brains –queue the rolling eyes- he has no automatic shut off valve and so that once blue now transparent balloon spills its beans all over his lips. Much to our delight of course. And so, we resume the blowing up the balloons task.

3 Reasons why we ‘Need’ an Air Compressor?

  • More specifically spray painting. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the old trusted paint tray and roller or brush. But hook up a compressor to a spray gun and soon you’ll feel like you’re conquering the world walking around spraying random objects with no effort at all.
  • Working on the car. Most men do this on the weekends anyways.

Giving them a tool to make those non-challenging jobs more manageable will not only benefit the family financially, by having him do it instead of taking the car to the shop but also let him think you’re interested in his workings in the garage. Brownie points I hear you chant.

  • This one piqued my interest to be fair. We like to get things bolted and tidy around the house, and don’t always want to wait for the men to come home and get on with things.

Simply connecting a compressor to the nail gun and sorted, you can pin things down, together and have it all done with the easy of a big stapler. Very easy to use.

How to know which is the Right Size for Us?

We can’t just simply go out and buy a compressor without doing some evaluating, there are questions we need to ask ourselves. Or the husband who will probably take over using it for the most part. Check this video for a few tips on what to consider before purchasing.

Using Oil vs Not Using Oil.

As the names suggest, an oil-lubricated compressor is going to need oil. This ensures the moving parts run smoothly. This does also mean that the overall size of the machine is larger.

But, due to its robustness, it can take on the tasks of much larger jobs. So, ideally more suited for the workplace or auto shops.

A compressor that does not use oil will, therefore, be lighter and more compact in size and weight. Making it the go-to choice for use at home, or for beginners.

How to Choose?

If it were up to me, my instinct would be to go with the one that is the prettiest and clashes the least with the house. This is probably why I have been banned from buying tools on my own unless they have been pre-approved by the other half.

I did come across this interesting read the other day, Quietest Air Compressors 2019: Reviews and Buying guide, think I’ll leave it strategically placed on the entrance table for a certain someone. I mean if a tool can be quiet? I’m in.

Advantages of Using an Air Compressor.

I hear you laughing, but believe it or not, there are some benefits. Well firstly air is free so I was already hooked. And it’s unlimited, another huge perk.

Then you have the fact that because air tools are supplied with ‘power’ from an external Air Compressor machine, they are much lighter and more compact due to not needing their motor or battery to operate.

Once you decide to buy a compressor and air tools to go with it, you’ll soon see the durability of them. They don’t have motors that can burn out, so financially it is again too.


Best Portable air compressors

When you have a look around and think, Best Portable air compressors are everywhere and used daily. You see them at your local car wash or auto garage and even the dentist which we all love so much. This is because they don’t let us down, they are reliable and those tough jobs become a piece of cake.

Having a Compressor at Home.

You won’t have to panic if you get a flat tire.

Or one of the kids comes home and frantically you need to put together a wooden chest with working hinges, and of course, it’s the weekend dad is away on a golf trip.

Whatever life wants to throw at you, you can be safe in knowing that having a light, compact compressor to hand means you can handle it.

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