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For the Love of Tech: Top Gifts For Gadget Lovers This Holiday Season

Every year, the holiday season comes around and people all over the world are scrambling trying to figure out what to get their loved ones, friends, coworkers, etc. For a lot of people, instead of it being the most wonderful time of the year, it’s the most stressful time of the year, and understandably so.


Because you want to give people gifts they actually want. It’s easier to give gifts to some more than others. For example, it might be easy to gift your mother-in-law a handmade Christmas centerpiece basket because you know she loves anything rustic. But what about those people who like very specific things, like tech and gadgets?

How do you know what type of gadgets they like or would like?

What’s the best brand?

Those are questions that stress most people out, and according to Psychology Today, it’s all because of the type of gift-giver you are. In all honesty, gadget lovers are the most difficult people to shop for, unless you’re a gadget lover yourself. But if you’re not, shopping for gadget lovers can be one of the most difficult holiday tasks you have. Sometimes it’s because you don’t know them well enough to know exactly what it is they like. Then again, it could be because the person you’re shopping for has a “champagne taste” but you only have a budget accommodating to beer.

No matter the reason, the holiday season is quickly approaching and the best way to tackle this gift-giving ordeal this year is to start on it right now, and if there’s any way you can personalize the gift you get them, that’s even better! Take a look at these gifts your “techie” is sure to love.

Top Gifts For Gadget Lovers This Holiday Season

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

If there’s one thing about your gadget lover that you’ll get right with this gift is that they’ll love the fact that they can take this gadget with them on-the-go. There are actually several different types of portable Bluetooth speakers out there but that doesn’t mean they’re good ones…

The aspect of quality is where your gadget lover gets a little “snooty.” They’re the type of people where if they’re going to get a get gadget, they want it to be of high-quality. If you’re unsure of which brands to look at, here are a few great brands for Bluetooth speakers:

  • Scosche
  • JBL
  • UE

Some of these brands even have water-proof speakers as well.

Bellabeat Leaf

The Bellabeat Leaf is an activity tracker designed specifically for women, but it isn’t your average activity tracker. Designed to look like a fashionable leaf-like pendant necklace, this gadget tracks your monthly cycle, provides mindful plans, reminds you to take your pills, and is just an overall personalized gadget for holistic wellness.

Tile Tracker

If you have a gadget lover that is constantly losing their keys or wallet, the perfect gadget for them would be a Tile. This is a small gadget that works with an app that ensures you don’t lose or leave behind some of your most important or valued possessions.

Solar Powered Gadgets

As the world becomes more and more aware of the environment, people have been making great efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by investing in renewable resources and making efforts to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. And if your gadget is a fan of technological advancements, then they’re going to love some of the solar-powered gadgets that are out right now.

You name it, it can come in solar-powered form! There are pool heating rings and phone chargers as well as solar-powered watches and tents! There are so many innovations and gadgets in this industry that any gift you give them will be moving the world forward for the betterment of the environment.

Self-Rolling Smart Yoga Mat

If you’re going to do the yoga, the mat should at least roll itself up, right? If that’s how you feel, the Self-Rolling Smart Yoga Mat is the perfect gift for not only gadget lovers but health enthusiast friends/loved ones as well. This mat not only rolls itself up and grips to the floor but it also comes with yoga routines that you can connect to any Bluetooth speaker.

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