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Fabric waterproof doesn’t have to be hard. Read these tips

For most of us an expected rainstorm is all about wet outdoor pillows and cushions, isn’t it? The unexpected rains always end up with soaked outdoor fabrics which can take days to dry up. Also, it leads to not using the outdoor fabric for days and compromising on the quality of a perfect evening.

But, do you know, you can avoid all this? Yes, it is possible and all thanks to fabric waterproofing which makes it possible. Waterproofing your outdoor cushions and pillows are one of the easiest ways to protect them against the unexpected rains and storms which can ruin your outdoor fun and adventure.

Now, if you are all excited to make your own waterproof fabric spray but are wondering if it would be difficult, then you are at the right place. Your fabric waterproof doesn’t have to be hard; it can easily be prepared and used at home with all the convenience and ease.

So, are you all ready to get all the information and details about an easy and convenient way to waterproof your fabrics? Without delaying it any further, let us begin.

What is fabric waterproofing?

Fabric waterproofing is the process to prepare all your fabrics faces any kind of weather without any hassles or difficulties. The process is especially targeted for the fabrics that are used in the outdoors so that they can be well-protected against the harsh weather conditions without damaging their quality.

What benefits can you expect from waterproofing your fabrics?

One of the best benefits of fabric waterproofing is that the fabric doesn’t soak the water but the water just beads up on the fabric under the extreme conditions. This keeps the quality of your fabric high at all times and also increases its lifetime.

Other than this, a fabric that has been waterproofed becomes really easy and convenient to clean and maintain. You just need a sponge to rub over them and all the dirt, dust, and contaminated elements will come off the fabric.

Is it difficult to do fabric waterproofing at home?

To be really honest, it is not difficult to make the waterproof fabric spray at home for use. You just need to follow some simple steps to make your own fabric waterproofing spray at home.

Also, it is not a time-consuming process, it hardly would take around 10-minutes and some drying time to completely get the benefits of fabric waterproofing for your favorite fabrics.

How to waterproof your fabric?

To waterproof your fabric, all you need;

  • The fabric that you need to waterproof for outdoor use
  • An effective and high-quality fabric waterproof spray

You can use any waterproof fabric spray for your fabrics; just be sure that it is of high-quality and from an authentic and reputed brand. This would help you to be sure that the spray won’t spoil the quality of your fabric and will only benefit it with the expected protection.

Here is everything that you need to do for waterproofing your fabrics:

  • To begin with, the first thing that you need to do is to be sure if your fabric needs to be waterproofed. For this, simply put some water on the chosen fabric and see if the water gets soaked or it stays on the surface. If the water is on the surface, you don’t need to waterproof your fabric but if it soaks the water, you need to waterproof your fabric with the waterproofing spray.
  • Once it gets clear that your fabric needs to be waterproof, it is then when you would need the waterproof spray.

Simply hold the spray 6-8 inches away from the fabric for use. Don’t be too heavy while spraying the waterproofing solution on the fabric as it will harm the quality of the fabric. You just need to be sure that the entire fabric gets covered with the spray.

  • While you are waterproofing your fabric, make sure to overlap it every time to get the best results. Overlapping your fabric with each use will make sure that the entire fabric is covered with the spray and you won’t miss even a single inch of your fabric.

You can always follow the mentioned instructions on the spray; to avoid any confusion while using the spray.

  • Once you have sprayed the waterproofing spray once, let the fabric completely dry for about 4-5 hours. After the fabric is dried completely, you are ready to make a second coat of the spray on the fabric.

Spray the waterproofing spray on the fabric for the second time and let it dry for another 4-5 hours.

  • After both the coats are done, you are now ready to test your fabric if it has become waterproof or not. Simply put some water on the fabric, if the water remains on the surface, you have successfully waterproofed the fabric, but if it gets soaked, you need to re-do the entire process until the fabric becomes waterproof.

Final Thoughts:

Isn’t the entire process of fabric waterproofing simple to be performed on an individual basis?

Waterproofing your fabrics is an outstanding way of enjoying your quality outdoor time without worrying about any interruptions that can ruin the entire scenario for you.

If you still need any information, just simply comment it below. We will get back to you with the best possible assistance.

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