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Everything You Should Know About Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves was released in March 2018 and has since seen a huge rise in the number of players with over 3 million users playing the game monthly.

The game has been quite successful in its current mode of monthly update with the game’s manufacturers looking to upgrade this model to bigger seasons.

What is driving this massive number of players to sea of thieves?

Sea of thieves is a treasure hunt game where players will have to navigate harsh waters and several enemy ships in search of treasures.

If you want to be a Sea of Thieves pirate, searching for treasures and sailing the seas, you’ll find this guide quite useful as it will highlight everything you’ll need to successfully play the game.


Because of the nature of the game, there are several characters involved in the game with lots of them crew members of your ship and other pirate ships.

To differentiate between your crew members and others, the names of your crew members are in turquoise while a name in white means they are members of other pirate ships.

For your character; you get to choose your physical appearance which includes beards, eye patches, pirate hooks among other things.


Before you can start you have to buy a quest. At the initial stage, you can get a quest for 0 coins from traders at the outpost.

You’ll have a map and your possession showing you where to go and what to look for. The aim is to use your map to navigate the seas while fighting off other pirate ships and then securing your loot. 

But that doesn’t end there, you’ll need to return to the outpost with your loot and sell it before the quest is completed.

World Events

There are four world events and a fort of the damned event that are available in the sea of thieves. These events appear in the sky and are visible to every player but there can only be one world event at a time.

One of the greatest pulls of the world event is the opportunity to win great treasures, more than you can contain doing smaller voyages.

You also get the chance to enjoy player-to-player games with other users.

When playing, a symbol representing one of the events appears in the sky and players can choose whether to participate in the event or not.


Here are tips to enjoy the sea of thieves game:

To Make a Sharp Turn

You may need to make a sharp turn when you’re trying to quickly position your cannons to face enemy ships or when you’re trying to avoid an impending crash.

To make this sharp turn, hold your steering firmly in the direction you’ll want to turn to and then drop your anchor. Your ship will turn 90 or 180 degrees depending on how long you hold the steering in that direction.

How to Keep Your Treasure Safe Before you Sell

Getting your loot is one thing, selling it and completing the task is another. Once you’ve gotten your treasures, it may be tempting to keep looking for more; this will open you to the risk of getting attacked by other pirate ships and losing all your treasures.

It is best to return to an outpost and sell your loot first. Once you’ve secured your treasure, you should hide it properly to avoid it getting stolen.

Stealing is the Game

Spot another pirate ship? This may be an opportunity for you to get any treasures they may have including supplies like ammunition and food.

You can use your cannons to damage the ship and send some crew members to board their ship, remove the other pirates and steal their supplies and treasures.

Remember, there is no honor among thieves.

The Kraken is Your Worst Sea Enemy

The Kraken is a tentacled pink sea creature that can sink your boat if you don’t fight it off. And oh, it comes so fast, but you may have a few seconds to run if you can.

To show an impending Kraken attack on your ship, the waters around your ship will quickly turn black. Once you see this, you should steer away as soon as possible. 

If you’re not able to run away, you must put up a good fight to wade off the Kraken attack and save your ship.


Sea of Thieves is an interesting pirate game with lots of visual and gaming content to enjoy. Sometimes its difficulty may put some players off. If this is you, there are cheats and tricks put together by the team behind battlelog.co that will help make the game easier to play.

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