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2021 Spring Upgrades for Your Jeep

When you own a Jeep, you have the confidence that it is ready for a lot of what life can throw at it. However, there is no denying the fact that the stock configuration is fairly generic. If you really want to get the fullest experience from your Jeep, you need a few upgrades. Perhaps you want to give your new Jeep a classic look with a CJ7 soft top or you want to get it ready for the trail with some off-road parts.

Suspension Lift Kit

Without a doubt, Jeep Wrangler lift kits are among the most popular upgrades on the market. In particular, people love getting suspension upgrades. These extend the length of the suspension components, lifting the frame further off the ground.

The benefit of this is that you can take on more challenging angles and trails. If you want to go off-road, this should be high on your list of planned upgrades. It will also allow you to add some bigger tires,

Aftermarket Soft Top

Changing the top of your Jeep is another fun way to upgrade your Jeep. There are all sorts of options ranging from bikini tops (partially open soft tops) to power-retracting roofs. You can find every possible color, style and price point. So, you can really just find the one that works for your needs.

Just remember that they are dependent on the vehicle. Don’t buy a Jeep YJ soft top full doors model for your new Jeep JK.

Off-Road Wheels/Tires

If you want to hit some trails, another good option is to buy some off-road wheels and tires. These are available in combos or you can buy them separately.

Off-road wheels are built tougher than their road counterparts. While this means they are usually heavier, it also means that they can take on the rigors of the trail. Similarly, tires are often much meatier. They have larger sidewalls and can be operated at lower pressures to get extra traction. A lot of jeep owners combine a lift kit with larger wheels to make the ultimate trail vehicle.


A recovery winch can make a great upgrade for your Jeep Wrangler. This can help you with getting out of tight spots (or helping your friends get out of them). It can also help with moving heavy items and a variety of other practical jobs. There are plenty of sizes, powers and styles of these tools. So, you can find something that will work for your needs.

Custom Lighting

Consider also adding some awesome new lighting to the exterior of your Jeep. While you may not be able to have roof-mounted lighting on the road (it depends on the jurisdiction), you can use this on the trail. It can be great for seeing more clearly on a trail or providing lighting for your campsite.

Get Your Upgrades Today

Find more upgrades for your Jeep today. With the right customizations, you can make your Jeep ownership experience even more enjoyable. The above five are some great starting points. However, you can go much deeper.

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