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Do You Really Need an Extended Warranty on your Electronics?

Whether you’re buying a TV, a new smartphone, or another electronic device, it’s always good to know that your purchase is protected by a warranty in case anything goes wrong. You simply file a claim and the repair team fixes or replaces your device at no additional cost. But is it truly worth the additional expenses you’ll be asked to cover each passing month? Well, you’re about to find out!

First things first – are you purchasing an extended warranty for a big-ticket item?

Generally speaking, big ticket items like high-end TVs are more expensive to replace than smaller items. If the item costs roughly $2000 or more, then getting an extended product warranty is the recommended course of action. Getting one for smaller items that are easily replaced, as most financial experts would advise you, is usually not worth the cost. Moreover, you can buy this type of warranty at a later date, so there’s no need to decide right away.

There are alternatives

In fact, many companies offer extended warranty protection that complements the original factory warranty. Of course, there are requirements associated with pretty much any type of warranty you might stumble across, so make sure to do your due diligence as needed.

Consider the fact that electronics quickly get outdated

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. A new electronic device that you’ve purchased recently could very well become completely out of date in as little as a single year. Basically, getting a five-year extended warranty on a product that you’re likely to replace in a couple of years’ worth of time is hardly worth it. If, for example, you’re buying a smartphone for your kid that you know is likely to stick around for quite a while, visit this site to learn the requirements – in this case, the investment pays off, especially if the kid doesn’t treat it with care, making it more likely to get damaged.

There’s always the fine print

Therefore, you should pay attention to it. The deal might seem a good one at first glance, but you won’t really be able to tell without reading the fine print in its entirety. Much to your surprise, some warranties only cover certain parts of the device and leave others out of the equation.

Accident coverage is one of the most important aspects

Accidental breaks and water damage is what most electronics are prone to, especially the handheld devices. Did you know that you don’t even need to submerge it into water entirely for water damage to sink in? Surprisingly, taking a shower and picking it up with wet hands can be enough to cause irreversible damage to the device. As such, make sure to get the accident coverage you need.


When it comes to choosing an extended warranty, there are many variables you need to consider. Therefore, it’s hard to provide general advice on whether you should get an extended warranty or not – the answer depends on the specific situation. But if you take the advice we’ve given you to heart, you’ll more than likely be able to arrive at a solid conclusion yourself.

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