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13 Reasons Why You Need a Custom Gaming PC

If you start a debate online about whether it is better to have a custom gaming pc or use a console, be prepared for plenty of lively debate and discussion amongst gamers who are keen to voice their opinion.

It’s good to get a point of view from other enthusiastic gamers about their preferences but, ultimately, it is your decision, although you might just be influenced toward choosing the custom gaming pc option when you see how many major gaming tournaments are played on PCs.

You should also consider other pc components that will enhance your gaming experience, like a razer gaming mouse for instance.

Here are some of the convincing reasons why you might get more out of your gaming if you choose to have a custom pc over a console.

Power is a persuasive consideration

Processing power is a major factor when it comes to being able to properly enjoy your gaming experience and if you are comparing what a console can deliver to one of the fastest CPUs available, its game over already.

Rapid improvements in technology and manufacturing techniques mean that the latest processors available are capable of delivering some awesome speeds that even a high-end console would struggle to match.

You will probably want to learn more about building a custom gaming pc to your specific requirements and if you ask about the latest processors available to go inside it, you will see that you can have so much power at your fingertips.

More cost-effective to upgrade

There is always a lot of hype surrounding the launch of a new gaming console and it is highly likely that the latest version will be packed with improved features for a better gaming experience.

The downside is that you may have to pay a hefty price in order to get your hands on this console.

Changing to a new console will render your old one obsolete and that can get expensive, compared to the option of upgrading your existing pc with a few extra components without having to ditch completely what you already have.

The right way to compare price

If you are going to simply compare the ticket price of a console to the cost of a gaming pc it is highly likely that the console is going to come out cheaper.

A straight price comparison doesn’t tell the whole story and you have to compare the performance of either option and overall value for money before you decide which one really works out better.

The good news is that the cost of components is falling, so the price gap is getting smaller anyway, plus you have to consider how easy it is to upgrade a pc compared to having to buy a new console before you can make a more accurate price comparison.

Choice of keyboards

The default option for a good number of gamers is to choose a mechanical keyboard and if that is your preferred option, going down the custom pc route also gives you the chance to choose a keyboard that gives you exactly what you want.

As there are a decent number of different versions of mechanical keyboards available you shouldn’t find it a struggle to make an informed decision.

Plenty of screen options

Another definite advantage in favor of a pc is the fact that you can invest in the best monitor available for the perfect gaming experience.

A high-end 4K monitor is often considered to be a great option if you want to enjoy the best graphics being produced from your gaming pc, and you can even install multiple screens if you want.

That gives you more options than you get with a console.

Choose your mouse

Along with your own choice of monitor and keyboard, you will also be able to pick your preferred spec of mouse.

A good gaming mouse will enhance your gaming experience and you get the option of picking your desired response rates, together with enjoying a high degree of accuracy if you select the right model.

Keeping your cool

If you are building your own high-end gaming pc you will also be able to beef up your cooling system options.

If you want your pc to operate at the optimum level of performance, a custom pc allows you to add fans and even include liquid cooling radiators.

You are in control of quality

It is definitely also worth making the point that going down the custom-built pc route will give you the ability to control the quality of every component that goes into building your machine.

Some off-the-shelf pcs and consoles will sometime compromise on the quality of certain components as a way of keeping build costs down, but when you custom build, virtually everything that goes inside your pc is subject to your approval.

Eliminate unwanted software

If you have decided to build your own gaming pc it is not just the components that you get to choose.

You also have greater control over what software gets loaded and that eliminates the risk of so-called bloatware, which is the complementary programs added to standard pcs that will often slow things down.

Preferred operating system

You may have a preference for a specific operating system and if you are building your own gaming pc that is another aspect that you get to make the final decision on.

Not having to make do with an unwanted version of an operating system or being forced to accept problematic upgrades is less of an issue when you get to choose your own operating system.

Hard drive options

Amongst all the other options to consider, another key selling point for a custom pc is the ability to invest in a powerful hard drive.

You might decide to splash out on a 2TB drive and consider an SSD/HDD combo, but at least it is you that gets to decide what you do.

Choice of games

It can be frustrating to be restricted to certain games because of your choice of console.

When you have a custom gaming pc you should find that you have more choice and can either play an old favorite or the latest release without having to worry about compatibility.

Have fun

Ultimately, you are building a custom pc or investing in a console because you want to have some fun and enjoy some high-powered action during your leisure time.

You will have fun building your custom pc and choosing all your options, and that should help you carry on the enjoyment when you play your favorite game on your bespoke machine.

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