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Can I Monitor My Children’s Android Phone Remotely?

How can you monitor your teenager’s text messages, call logs, and track their location without letting them know? This is the question that comes in the mind of every teenager’s parents because they do not want their kids to encounter any problem and put the family or themselves in any danger. 

Monitoring apps are the best solution to know what your child is doing on his Android phone. In this modern age, it has become easier to monitor whom your child is meeting, talking to or hanging out.

FoneMonitor: The Best App on How to track a Child’s Android Phone

If you remotely want to assess any Android device, you can rely on FoneMonitor without having a second thought. It is the best application available on the Internet when it comes to tracking the Android phone without rooting. It helps control and track the activities on social media, including their chat sections and the posts they are commenting on. 

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It is the number one choice of many parents across the world and is used in 190 plus countries. Due to its reliable services, it has been featured by many top brands such as Forbes and TechAdvisor multiple times. You can entirely rely on it to protect your kids by making their mobile phones safe for them. 

It does not matter if you are aware of using the applications online or not; you can use FoneMonitor very easily because of its user-friendly interface. Operating it does not involve any rocket science because all the categories are present in the dashboard; you simply need to click on the required section, and the details appear before you on the screen.

How to Use FoneMonitor?

All you need is to set up the targeted device once and enjoy the feature forest of the time. You can quietly monitor their activities on their phone secretly without letting them know. You can track their location and all the movements even when you are to be straight from the FoneMonitor dashboard.

Here is how you can use FoneMonitor to view your children’s Android phone activity;

1. To start using FoneMonitor, the very first thing you need to do is sign up for an account. Go to the official website of FoneMonitor to sign up for the account.

To sign up, enter your email address and password.this will be the very same email address where you will receive notification about your child activity on his Android phone. Choose a suitable subscription plan based on your needs.

2. Now, add the phone credentials you want to track.

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3. Once you have configured the device, you can view all the activities through the dashboard of FoneMonitor straight from your device, where you have logged into your account.

What Makes FoneMonitor the Best Tracker?

The following are the features that make gif one of the best Android apps available on the Internet.

  1. It helps you to track your child’s location anytime, anywhere, without letting him know. You can set some respective zones as well as the allowed zones for their location and get it in case they cross the safe location and answer in the restricted or red zone. This will help you to protect your child from any danger.
  2. It is the best keylogger with which you can check every single record in your child’s Android mobile phone. You can track their social applications, their passwords, online activity, and even the chat. In short, you can see who your child is talking to and whether it is safe for them to stay in touch with the other person or not.

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3. The Internet is full of information; you can find every single thing on the net just by entering the query. This easy access to all kinds of information makes it a bit insecure for the kids.

Because the adult content is not at all suitable for young minds, so if you find anything in your child’s browser history, you can tell them how harmful it is and how they should immediately stop searching these sites.

4. You can view their call loans and read all the messages they sent or received on their phone. All the details of the sender, along with the time of call or message and everything related to it is recorded in the dashboard.

5. By going into the stealth mode, you can monitor their location accurately down to a meter. You can also look at them on the map and find out how much time they spend in a particular place.


There are so many reasons why parents want to monitor their kid’s mobile phones, and most of these reasons are justified. It is always the best choice to use a tracker like FoneMonitor to track your child’s phone activities by staying hidden.

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