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Can Comedy be Taught and Can You Create a Business from it?

Now you may think the answer to this question is yes, considering there are already schools that can provide this service. However, it is important to identify the overall effectiveness of this practice for both monetary and educational gain. To do this, we must look at this from the point of view of both the teacher and the student.

Can it be taught?

Firstly, comedy can definitely be taught despite a lot of criticism regarding the subject. This is because comedy has a certain structure consisting of multiple techniques. This is particularly apparent in stand-up comedy, but also in comedy sketches and shows. The element of shock is one of the most important factors when triggering laughter, so it would seem naïve that you couldn’t learn ways to effectively deliver lines to invoke that emotion.

What business can you create?

There are several business ideas for people who have the goal of teaching comedy. Although the title of Teacher is still the same, there are different ways you can pursue it. You could join a company that specialises in the teaching of comedy. Another method is to purely teach online with the use of a website and content sharing channels like YouTube. Finally, you could also take the entrepreneurial route and create your own business. This is essentially the same as sharing your content online but you could teach in a more traditional environment.

Is it efficient?

In short, yes. There are countless examples of famous comedians who went to some sort of comedy school or extra-curricular activity. It is also a very efficient way of imparting wisdom on a younger generation, particularly if you feel like your stint in comedy has ended. It should not have to be argued that you could learn a lot from the great comedy minds of the past.

Be sure to check out this infographic from the people at comedycarnival.co.uk detailing 50 great jokes to perhaps provide some comedic inspiration.

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