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What to Watch out For in the Best Transcription Software

From increased accessibility options in the remote workplace to translation support for marketing teams, transcription software can be an invaluable tool in a wealth of various circumstances.

Finding the ideal platform can be a little tricky, however, since custom solutions are often needed when it comes to the specifics of the transcription process.

If you need some help in choosing the best software for your individual needs, here are some important points to watch out for.


It may seem like the most obvious point, but some of the very best automated real-time transcription software options can boast accuracy rates of up to 99%.

In this case, it is likely unwise to settle for anything less, especially if you are operating in a field of work where your career or your professional integrity might depend on this accuracy level, such as law or investigative journalism.

Human Integration

While some software choices might be extremely advanced technologically and mechanically speaking, to make sure your transcripts are as accurate, legitimate, and authentic as possible, human support on the other side is usually a must.

Companies that utilize a combination of machine and human transcription may be able to offer you much better results than an enterprise that solely relies on one or the other to get the job done.

Plus, this can also mean the level of customer service is generally higher. Transcripts do not always go as smoothly as desired, or perhaps you may have some special requests that need to be addressed throughout the process.

In this regard, finding a company that can cater to your specific needs is essential, but before you make your choice, it is definitely worth thinking about how accessible your prospective transcription company actually is and whether or not they pride themselves on their ability to deliver great customer service. After all, your business may depend on it.


The world’s most accurate transcription service may not matter whatsoever if it takes 100 years to get hold of the transcript in the first place.

Accuracy is, of course, important, but the speed in which said accuracy can be delivered is equally so.

Say you needed to present the content of a meeting you hosted to your general manager as part of a promotion opportunity, but the transcript never arrived in time – there is every chance you will have missed out! Speed and accuracy are not mutually exclusive either, as some of the best software options boast an incredibly fast turnaround.

Additional Features

It is worth thinking about two highly enticing words for anyone seeking a new service of any description: Additional features.

The more features that a service can offer, the greater the chance that you can rest easy in the knowledge you are dealing with experts (provided they have demonstrable experience in the types of services they provide).

From video captioning to speaker identification, going for a turnkey solution could greatly aid your efforts later on down the line. Always find out what additional features they have.

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