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5 Rocky Terrain ATV Tires

Rocky terrain presents its unique challenges: steep inclines, uneven ground, ruts and, well, rocks. All these hazards can make it difficult to achieve and maintain traction throughout your ride. Having the right type of tires is an important factor in conquering this type of ground. Before you head out for your next excursion, check out some smart recommendations that keep your machine on the move.

The Difference Between ATV Tire Types

When you shop for ATV tires, you’ll notice several different styles on the market. They’re each designed for specific types of terrain: all-terrain, mud, sand and rocky terrain ATV tires, just to name a few. Their designs match the rigors of these terrains in a few key areas – tread style, depth and spacing plus carcass construction, materials and sidewall strength. While there are exceptions out there, every tire type exhibits some important defining features:

  • All-terrain – close-set lugs, large contact patch, tread depth between 0.5 and 1 inch
  • Mud – Heavy construction, tall lugs spaced apart, tread depth up to 2 inches
  • Sand – paddle-like ridges instead of lugs, front tires with center ridges, tread over 1 inch deep
  • Rocky terrain – tighter tread, deep angled grooves, extra shoulder lugs, tread dept under 1.5 inches

While most tire designs also focus on strength and puncture resistance, it’s especially important on rocky terrain styles. You may also see all-terrain tires emphasize puncture resistance – after all, they must be able to handle hard ground, trails and mud.

How the Sedona Ripsaw Got Its Name

The Sedona Ripsaw tire sports an aggressive look, but it’s not just designed to turn heads. The Ripsaw is a heavy-duty tire with a 6-ply radial construction. It sports a 1 1/8-inch rugged tread that’s perfectly spaced for efficient cleanout in muddy conditions. Its tread also wraps onto the sidewalls, so you enjoy better traction and grip in deep ruts and on extremely muddy ground.

Now with those features, it’s not surprising that this tire would have a name like “Ripsaw.” With some serious bite, it cuts through sloppy mud without allowing it to stick inside its tread spacing. Off-roaders praise the Sedona Ripsaw RT for its superior traction, durability and stability on rocky ground. The Ripsaw frequently gets five-star reviews from powersports enthusiasts all over the country.

More Rocky Terrain Tires To Consider

The Sedona Ripsaw RT is definitely a popular pick, but you’ll want to check out some other great options. Designed for hard terrain, the Kenda K587 Bear Claw HTR is an 8-ply rated radial with exceptional puncture resistance and a tread pattern with tall knobs and a center knob design. Then there’s the ITP Terracross R/T XD, a puncture-proof extreme duty 6-ply model with a wide footprint and interlocking tread pattern. The CST C9311 Ancla is a versatile tire with wide-spaced lugs and a strong carcass, providing excellent traction on both hardpack and mud. Finally, the GBC XC Master sports an X-knob tread pattern, world-class puncture resistance and a reinforced bead.

Whether you need 25x11x10 ATV tires or other kinds of gear, your best bet is shopping at a dedicated dealer of powersports parts and accessories. Their extensive inventories and expert assistance are invaluable when equipping your ride.

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